Guide To's New Native Integration with Zoho CRM

Close more deals with’s advanced lead segmentation 💸

Zoho CRM joins’s native integration family. Zoho users can now seamlessly streamline their customer relations syncing user activity with their CRM.

You can set up your Zoho CRM integration, including custom fields here. Read about all the details of the integration in our help article.

Is your heart yearning for a native integration don’t have yet? We’re listening! Let us know here. native ingegration with Zoho CRM

Lead management is key to a successful business. You already have a leg up using Zoho CRM to nurture your leads and follow up on them. Paired with, your sales funnel can be even more efficient.

How can improve your Zoho CRM?

1. Acquire and segment leads with drag & drop lead pages, forms, surveys

With this integration, you can ask your userbase their preference in a fun, personal, human way and have Zoho workflows ready to follow up on those raised hands immediately. 90% email open rates will your new benchmark with lead acquisition and segmentation enabled.

2. Automate your sales funnel with payment forms, price calculators and product configurators

Connect the submissions from your ad forms and lead capture elements into your Zoho CRM for an immediate, personalized, segmented follow up.

3. Identify high-value leads and build user profiles with Remote ID and Cross Project Participants remote ID and cross-project participants allow you to identify high value leads to pull through your Zoho sales enablement workflows. Smart surveys can be used for contact audits, personalized payment pages with Remote ID can be sent to your pending payments and price calculators can create custom prices for each customer.

4. Create quick & easy embeddable or stand-alone interactive content

Create embeddable or stand-alone interactive content that gives each customer a fully personalized experience. Functions like logic jump, answer piping and multiple outcome pages will collect data the human way and feed your Zoho CRM well-segmented leads.

5. Personalize the experience for each lead with logic jumps, answer piping and multiple outcome pages

Send specific pdfs to different user segments, attribute clients to different sales reps and have them schedule calls with’s Time and Date Picker in your drag & drop forms, lead pages and surveys.

6. Include your team & stay organized

Work with your teammates within the same organization account with different user permissions or invite your clients as viewers only to see how their campaign is doing. Or use this same feature to just organize your work into different workspaces to keep all your campaigns in one place.

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