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Is Net Promoter Score® Important?

Net Promoter Score® or NPS® in short, is a simple industry standard metric for measuring customer experience and loyalty. The calculation of NPS® = % of Promoters - % of Detractors and can range from -100 to 100. Net Promoter Score® reflects the overall customers' feeling and attitude towards your business.

Keeping track of your NPS® regularly will help you take action in a timely manner to reduce customer churn or transform those who love your business into advocates.

At the end of the day, NPS® is just a score. It is what you do with it that makes it so powerful for business growth. Using NPS® Calculator you can clearly see your overall Net Promoter Score® and design adequate follow-up actions.

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Step 1

Pick A Template

Add your logo, fonts and colours

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Step 2

Select NPS®

Use the NPS® element and customize it freely

how to make a cancelation survey
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Step 3

Use Follow Ups

Automate workflows for promoters/detractors

how to reduce customer and revenue churn

NPS® Made Easy

Get to know your real Net Promoter Score®

Integrate the NPS® Scale in your surveys by simply dragging & dropping it in the editor and customize as you desire. Publish your NPS® Survey and start sharing it. It's that easy!

100% Drag & Drop Editor

Implement NPS® like a pro without being a developer

Using Net Promoter Score® in a survey is as easy as selecting an template and adding your logo to it. If you wish, you can customize it further as you see fit. Change colours, add text, images or GIFs in a matter of clicks.
NPS content element
Sharing options
Effortless Sharing

Share your NPS® Calculator across channels in one click!

Choose from various sharing options to let your customers know about your NPS® Survey Campaign. Share via email or social media in one click, embed easily on your dedicated landing pages, or use pop-ups to capture their attention.
Customizable Workflow Automation

Create response-based workflows

Take action in a timely manner. Use the NPS® Calculator together with response-based automation in order to win back your detractors and to turn your promoters into advocates (on review sites etc.).
Follow ups
analytics dashboard
Insightful Dedicated Reports

Make sense of your achieved Net Promoter Score®

Without some analytics, NPS® is just a pretty face ;) Dive deeper into the distribution of responses and the % of your detractors or promoters. Analyze NPS® results in depth with our dedicated NPS® dashboard.

Follow up with respondents automatically via email

Send out personalized emails to promoters, detractors or passives

Take immediate action based on survey responses. Ask your promoters to support you publicly or provide your detractors with coupons to try and win them back. Create different, personalized emails directly with Add images, attachments and preview your emails on different devices. All without a 3rd party tool. Learn more

Custom Emails to Participants

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