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Build online forms, surveys, quizzes and calculators for interactive user flows that boost website conversions.

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onboarding flows in a customized way.
  • Create captivating quizzes, multi-step forms, and calculators to turn website visitors into leads in the most personalized way. Offer embeddable custom price quote calculators, product/service recommendation quizzes and interactive forms that will improve your website conversions. Build perosnalized paths to learn more about those who are interested in your product or service and capture lead data in an automated way.

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  • Publish product recommendation quizzes, product finders, price quote calculators and entire sales funnels that show custom service & product offerings to your prospective buyers. Advise your customers in an engaging way and help them make purchase decisions more easily. Personalize the sales process and even close the deal right on the spot using our integrated payment forms.

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  • Create engaging customer surveys, measure Net Promoter Score®, run employee assessments and embed feedback forms in your website or app. Easily design feedback flows in an engaging and modern way to improve the way you collect data from your audience. Guide your audience intuitively through well-curated questions that will help you gather high quality data for your business decisions.

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  • Create engaging personality quizzes, knowledge quizzes, professional-looking forms for promotions and giveaways that increase engagement and time spent on your website. Captivate users with built-in scores, instant feedback, and personalized outcomes. Turn every engagement widget into a lead generation tool by gating outcomes with a contact form.

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  • Build embeddable sign-up forms that fit your design and brand colors. Connect your custom forms natively to your email service provider and sync data to your preferred email list. The built-in email and phone number validation advanced features ensure all personal data collected is accurate.

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  • Build easily embeddable onboarding flows and welcome surveys with personalized user paths. Guide your customers through seamless experience while qualifying and enriching their profiles. Use a form maker for internal processes.

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The ultimate tool for website conversions & data collection

Why you'll love our AI-powered form builder

start with an template.

Professional Form Templates

Choose from 300+ of pre-built form, survey, quiz and calculator templates to get inspired and create branded content quickly.

Our templates cover a wide range of business goals: generating & qualifying leads, collecting customer feedback, recommending products, onboarding customers and gaining valuable audience insights.

Check out our template database ->

Complete Form Customization

Our intuitive drag & drop editor makes it easy to start designing dynamic forms & surveys (among other widgets) from scratch, use a template for inspiration or let AI generate a branded project for you.

Customize the look and feel of your forms & surveys - from colors to corner roundness and line thickness, until it all fits your brand identity.

Have the freedom to design your forms and surveys to fit perfectly on your website or across your other digital channels.

design projects the way you want.
embedding options illustration.

Flexible Publishing

Share your form, survey, quiz or calculator either as a standalone landing page, a responsive embed in your website or a pop-up with custom trigger events.

You can also invite certain groups of contacts via email to participate in your project.

You'll get a unique QR code and short URL for each project. Use generic and custom domains to whitelabel the URL.

Higher Quality Data

Powerful form validation rules ensure your customer data is clean, emails and phone numbers exist and meet your criteria. Personalize your forms & surveys to show the most relevant questions so you can collect all relevant data efficiently and automatically.

You can password protect individual quizzes, surveys, forms and calculators, limit submissions from the same users and deactivate projects when your project is over. Use our analytics for data visualization.

NPS® Survey Maker.

AI Insights

Take your data analysis to the next level! dashboards include the most important performance metrics and detailed submission data of what you've collected in your projects. The AI insights tool swiftly processes both quantitative and qualitative data, providing you with a summary of results, including valuable conclusions and recommendations based on your audience's submissions, all in a matter of minutes.

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Process & Workflow Automation

AI-Powered From Start to Finish🪄

Lead Generation Quiz.


The AI form generator will quickly create a customized project, integrating your branding from your website's URL. In just a few seconds you'll have an on-brand template to work with.


Use AI in your projects to personalize the experience with individualized responses & feedback. Define a prompt and let AI make every interaction unique & relevant. Create custom AI tools.


Use AI Insights to save hours of sifting through data. Summarize big data sets of qualitative feedback in seconds. Generate business reports with summaries, key findings & recommendations.

Case Studies

How other companies successfully generate & qualify leads with



How this solar panel company leverages interactive content


Placement International

How a niche luxury brand generates 10.000 segmented leads a month.

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Here’s how it works

  1. website illustration.

    01 Create

    • Create with AI ✨ or pick a customizable template New
    • Edit content and design per drag & drop
    • Build own formulas & define custom branching logic
    • Set up outcome pages with individual messaging
  1. website illustration colorful.

    02 Configure

    • Control user access and define domains
    • Set up form data validation rules
    • Create custom follow-up emails to participants
    • Integrate tracking for third party analytics
  1. zapier integration illustration.

    03 Connect

    • Connect natively to 40+ apps with custom data mapping
    • Accept payments in forms with 5+ processors
    • Use Zapier to send data to 3000+ apps
    • Code your own integration with webhooks
  1. website illustration sharing.

    04 Share

    • Publish forms & surveys as landing page with custom URLs
    • Embed within content on own website or app
    • Share as widget or pop-up with custom triggers
    • Send an email to invite users to participate
  1. analytics illustrations.

    05 Analyze

    • View KPI summary & individual responses
    • Analyze the funnel and usage at every step
    • Contacts profiles with activity timeline
    • Instantly generate summary reports with AI New

Test our forms, surveys and other interactive widgets

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With our tool you can build, design and integrate interactive flows for website conversions & data collection just like this one all by yourself. Create applications like forms, surveys, quizzes and calculators per drag & drop. No coding required.

Native Integrations

Connect & send form data to your favorite apps

Connect to other apps in your stack, from CRMs and ESPs to productivity tools. Sync lead data and automate processes in marketing, sales, project management, customer support & more.
See all integrations
Active Campaign integration.
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Campaign Monitor integration.
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Drip integration.
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Payment Integrations

Accept online payments in your forms

Effortlessly sell your products and services while securely accepting online payments within your forms. Turn leads into customers. integrates with Stripe, PayPal Business, Square, Mollie and Braintree. You can even easily handle subscriptions in multiple currencies.

payment processing methods.
customized paths for users. Hyper personalization.
Lead Qualification & Data Collection

Conditional form and survey paths & outcomes

Set up logic jumps that connect specific answers to pages and direct the lead flow accordingly.

Personalize the journey by using answer piping & hidden fields to address users by their names and prefill lead data.

Map answers to one or more outcomes, with specific weights attached. Create your own formula for scoring, display outcomes accordingly at the end & qualify your leads.

Lead Followups

Send custom emails for each form or survey

Get a summary of form submissions automatically delivered to your inbox. Send personalized emails to leads post form or survey submission, including individual lead data like outcomes, answers, score & more.

Tag leads as contacts and send emails to specific segments that invite them to participate in your forms. surveys, and quizzes.

email invitations illustration.

All the tools for stunning online forms & surveys

AI Generated Text

Let AI create individual text feedback for your users from custom prompts.

Logic Jumps

Guide users to different pages & questions depending on what they answer.

Hidden Fields

Save data from the URL, pipe values to the text and prefill or hide personal data fields.

Answer Piping

Personalize follow-up questions using previous participant answers & data.

Individual Scoring

Assign positive or negative values to each answer and use them in formulas.

Custom Calculations

Easily create formulas with Excel-type functions & conditional logic.

Outcome Logic

Set different end pages and define your custom logic for displaying them.

Pop-ups & Embeds

Publish projects on your website as embeds or pop-ups with triggers.

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Client Voices

What our clients say about our AI-powered form builder

“Easy to use, yet customizable enough for professional users.”
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“Powerful and intuitive tool for boosting conversion and engagement.”

“With we’re able to process leads 4 times faster.”
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“Superb tool to analyze & understand customer behaviour.”

Rated highly on software review sites

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