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Selected AI Generated Projects

The AI Library

Explore projects made by us for the biggest brands out there 😎 All projects are fully branded and were generated in seconds using our AI form generator 🪄

Tesla Waiting List Registration Form.

Tesla Waiting List Registration Form

An interactive form for Tesla's customers and fans who want to be informed about news and launch details of the new Tesla model.

Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Stripe Customer Satisfaction Survey

A feedback survey checking the satisfaction of Stripe customers with the services and support provided by the company.


Visa Unautorized Transaction Claim Form

An embeddable claim form for Visas' clients who want to request support & reimbursement for unauthorized transactions.


Amazon Delivery Feedback Survey

A customer satisfaction survey collecting feedback for a recent Amazon delivery. Can be sent via email, embedded or share as a landing page.


Booking.com Travel Destination Quiz

An engaging knowledge quiz for travel enthusiasts. This fun quiz of booking.com includes a lead generation form.


Spotify Music Trend Quiz

A sharable & embeddable quiz exploring Spotify's trends and music knowledge. Great for engagement and awareness campaigns.


OpenAI Waiting List Form

A registration form for OpenAI's next ChatGPT. Collecting interests and contact information. Can be embedded or used as a stand-alone landing page.

rate your experience survey.

Airbnb Feedback Survey

A feedback survey covering various aspects of Airbnb's experience. Including rating scales and feedback text boxes.

subscription form.

Slack Newsletter Subscription Form

An interactive form for collecting reader preferences and allowing Slack's audience to sign up to be part of the newsletter reader list.


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