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AI form builder.

Popular Use-Cases

With the AI form generator, you can effortlessly create three types of projects. However, the possibilities for use cases are limitless.

AI forms.
AI surveys.
AI quiz.
  • Simplify lead generation, streamline event registration, or gather valuable feedback with ease. Whether it's collecting contact information, managing job applications, or seeking insights on your products, AI generated forms can significantly speed up workflows, optimize engagement and automate data collection.

  • Dive into market research, gauge customer satisfaction, or gather employee feedback with ease. Tailor questions to your needs, making AI-driven surveys a powerful tool for product development, employee engagement, and strategic decision-making. Add AI generated responses and feedback to personalize survey flows for each of your users.

  • Captivate your audience with fun and educational quizzes made by's AI tool. Whether you're creating interactive content, or using quizzes for training, they're built for engagement. Add entertaining personality assessments to keep your audience involved and make learning a joy on your platform.


Our AI-Powered Process

How does the AI generation work?

Step 1: Insert website URL

Simply paste your website's URL, and let the AI form builder capture your company's branding elements — fonts, logo, and colors. Our AI uses these assets to personalize the look & feel of the forms you generate with just one click.

AI form generation.
AI form generation.

Step 2: Define your prompt

Tell the AI form builder what you're looking for. Your prompt can be as brief or detailed as you prefer. Feel free to tweak your prompt or generate a new form until it aligns perfectly with your expectations.

Step 3: Select a template style

In a matter of seconds, our AI will generate a selection of different branded templates based on your prompt. Check the template styles and select the most fitting one. You can also choose between one or multiple questions per page.

AI form generation.
AI form generation.

Step 4: Fine-tune

Create a free account on to edit your form to perfection. Incorporate elements like conditional logic, email gates for quiz results, or integrate your forms with tools like Hubspot, Notion, or Airtable. Explore our list of 50+ integrations.

Step 5: Share with ease

Once satisfied with your form, hit publish, navigate to "Share and Embed," and grab the embed code. Easily integrate it into your website as embed or pop-up, share your project as a link & QR code, or invite your contacts to it per email. The choice is yours!

AI form generation.

Process & Workflow Automation

AI-Powered From Start to Finish 🪄

Lead Generation Quiz.


The AI form builder quickly creates a customized form with your company branding. The whole process takes less than a minute.


Use AI to personalize the form experience with individual responses & feedback for each user. Create custom AI tools.


Use AI Insights to save hours of sifting through data. Generate reports with summaries, key findings & recommendations.

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Here are showcase projects we've generated with AI!

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