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We’re reimagining online interaction and user engagement.

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Create and integrate interactive content

Businesses such as Universal Pictures, Salesforce or Bloomberg are using involve.me to create and integrate interactive content for any point in their funnel, from lead acquisition and qualification, through activation and conversion up to measuring customer satisfaction.

Turn your audience into customers

involve.me will help turn your audience into customers through personalized interactions at every step of the customer journey.

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User engagement & customer experience

involve.me is a next-generation user engagement & customer experience platform with a focus on digital marketers & e-commerce.

Meet the Team Involved

We are a team of experienced and passionate professionals always on the lookout for people ready to make an impact.

Vlad Gozman


“Brings food for the team daily.” 🥗 🍕 🌮

Florian Burmann


“Cleans up the code of conduct.” 🤖 🚿 ✨

Razvan Aurariu

Lead Developer

“Makes sure everything is just right.” 🎁 🏆 🥇

Marek Minar

Growth Marketing Manager

“Always looking for an audience.” 💻 📱 📈

Sara Nunes

Customer Support Manager

“Always here to listen.” 👂 🗒️ ✍️

Luis Filipe

Frontend Developer

“Brings ideas to life.” 💡 🛠️ 🏰

Cosmin Badea

Full-Stack Developer

“Fluent in computer’s language.” 🗣️ ➡️ 💻

Aviad Zilbershatz

Head of Marketing & Growth

“Building a web.” ✍️ 🕷️ 🧐

Maya Kislykh

Content Marketing Manager

“Makes sense of things.” 🙌 🌿 ☀️

Paul Adams

Backend Developer

“Connects the dots.” 🔗 🤝 🕸️

Ramsha Zafar

Content Writer

“Creates content that inspires action.” 🧕🎯💪

Peter Tomanka

Marketing Intern

“Interning on the side” 🙄🎨🍅

Julia Stephan

Customer Support

“Solves problems speaking user's language.” 🔎🤔✅

Blaithin Macken Smith

Customer Support

“Translates the devs” 🗣️👩‍💻😌

You, perhaps?

Chief Awesome

“We're always on the lookout for great people.” 🪄 ⭐ 👑

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