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landing page design by drag and drop.
Drag & Drop Editor

Build engaging interactive content without the need for a developer

Our powerful page builder will enable you to create custom immersive content as easy as drag & drop. Start with one of our professionally designed pre-made templates, tweak it to your preference and increase user engagement!

Easy Drag & Drop Interface

Just drag, drop, click, and type to customize your interactive content. No coding or high-tech skills required.

Complete Customization

Create eye-catching content consistent with the look & feel of your website without the need for a developer.

Multi-Page Layout

Create multi-page, multi-step individual customer journeys within an easy to use editor interface.

Automatic Saving

Your work progress is continuously saved within the content editor every time you make a change.

Device-Specific Preview

Preview and optimize your content across different device screen sizes, from desktop to mobile.

Duplicate & Edit

Save time by copying and customizing content elements & pages without having to start from scratch.

Design & Templates

Easily make any project interface fit the look & feel of your brand

We’ve built an editor with the design chops that we’ve missed in others. Choose from global design settings or customize every project page & every content element individually to get to a custom coded look as close as possible.

Content Elements

Choose from a wide variety of interactive content items

Drag & drop content elements directly onto the canvas, customize their functionality with a few clicks and start creating natural conversations with your users in the moments that matter most.

drag and drop editor illustration.

Multiple Choice Question

Let users select one or multiple answers, set as required, define correct answers and give instant feedback.

Image Choice Question

Upload images as answers, choose circle, square or no shape and switch between horizontal, vertical & grid view.


Create dropdown fields with several options, customize the placeholder text and click behaviour.

Date & Time Picker

Let your users choose a specific date and time, schedule appointments, deliveries and much more.


Choose between different rating image shapes like stars & likes. Set number and size of rating elements.


Set min, max and starting values. Choose between prefix or suffix and set custom text for labels.


Set buttons to link to next or previous page, redirect to a custom URL, do a page jump, open email or restart project.

Contact Info

Collect data with over 15 predefined form fields, from email & name to address and social media profile links.

Free Text Input

Choose between single-line and text area input, use question as placeholder and set it to accept numbers only.

File Upload

Let users upload their own files per drag & drop. Limit the type, size and number of files submitted by users.

Opt-in Checkbox

Link it to a specific URL or to a custom popup. Automatically send data to specific integrations when checked.


Set headline and subheadline text and personalize them by adding answers from previous questions automatically.


Place full text blocks on project pages and customize them with all conventional editing settings & options.


Select between original, circle & square shape, adapt the size and switch between container or full width.

Image + Text

Change the position of the image in relation to the text block from right to left with just one switch.

Video Embed

Paste a URL from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, VooPlayer or your self-hosted video file to embed a video player.


Control the line size, proportions and the upper & lower spacing with easy to use sliders.

Social Share

Let users share your content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with just one click directly from the page.

Social Links

Link to your social and web accounts with predefined icons of the most popular online services.


Show either number of correctly answered questions or the overall score.


Set a countdown timer in minutes & seconds, customize triggers and action on time up easily.


Use various operators in the formula builder to create complex calculations with users' answers.

Coupon Codes

Add coupon codes from your platform of choice, assign them to lists and display them to your projects' participants.

Collect Payments

Accept one-time payments or subscriptions via secure forms by easily connecting your Stripe and PayPal accounts.

Hidden Fields

Hidden Fields allow you to use URL parameters to save custom data from the link or to prefill personal data fields.


Manage your projects according to your own needs & team size

As your business grows, so does the number of projects and collaborators in your organization. We offer the tools to easily organize your projects, work together with your team and share that work with clients.


Set up multiple Workspaces to help you organize your projects and make them easier to find and share with others.

Team Members

Invite users to specific Workspaces, assign editing or viewing rights to them and easily manage teams.


Create multiple organizations with the same involve.me user to switch between company or team accounts with ease.

Analytics & Reporting

Get all the data you need to

improve your conversions

Passion provides purpose, but data drives decisions. Leverage interactive data collection to build up a treasure trove of what has been dubbed the fuel of the new economy.

Overview KPIs

Track visits, submissions, completion rates, average time & score. Drill down to the project level.

Response Summary

Get an overview of the trends in replies for the whole project with charts for each question asked.

Personal Data

Sift through collected personal data like name, email, organization & more in a searchable and sortable table.

Detailed Responses

Drill down to each submission's responses. Display by question answered, sort and delete them by choice.

Partial Submissions

Reveal responses from submissions that your users did not complete. Reveal them within a 30-day time window.

Live submissions

Track the number of submissions which are currently in progress for each of your live projects in your account.

Download CSV & XLS

The CSV export includes only key metrics and personal data, the XLS export includes the full data-set.

3rd Party Integrations

Send data to other services through over 40 native integrations, Zapier and webhooks.

Advanced Tracking

Track custom events and integrate with Google Analytics, Facebook and Google Tag Manager. Find more info here.

Identify Drop-offs

Get insight into which questions work & which don't and at which point in your funnel the users stop interacting.

Funnel Insights

Visualize your conversion funnels, analyze geographic distribution & breakdown by device type and much more.


View, tag & manage the email contacts across all your involve.me projects in one place.

Our Integrations

Connect to over 40 apps & tools

Connect involve.me to other apps in your stack, from CRMs and ESPs to productivity tools. Sync data and automated processes in marketing, sales, project management, customer support & more.
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