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Build engaging calculators and embed them in your website within minutes. Offer price quotes and product & service configurators to gather qualified leads and collect online payments.

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Why do you need to create your interactive calculator with

Easily build a custom calculator to generate personalized pricing estimates for your audience. Grab one of our templates to get started and add your Excel-like formulas to make it work.

With, you can go above and beyond and factor in various variables such as discounts for specific customer groups. The best part: no code needed.

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What kind of custom calculators can you make?

Price Quote Calculators

Have a flexible pricing system? Make it transparent and easy to grasp with a custom price quote calculator that can give the accurate price based on users’ needs.

Key Metrics Calculators

Calculate metrics such as customer lifetime value, return on investment, or customer acquisition cost.

Personal Finance Calculators

Help individuals manage their finances by calculating things like loan payments, savings goals, and retirement savings projections.

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Create interactive calculators without a developer

Our powerful custom calculator editor will enable you to create engaging and immersive interactive calculators with a versatile & easy to use calculator formula builder and without a single line of code.

Adapt the look & feel and build a beautifully effective custom calculator

Easily add sliders, multiple choice questions, input fields and create a custom calculator. Tweak everything from unique element colors and transparency to corner roundness and line thickness until it all fits your brand identity perfectly.

Embed calculator easily on your own website

Distribute your calculator as a landing page or get a customizable iframe and embed your calculator on your website. All web calculators are fully responsive & work on all content management platforms, from WordPress & Drupal to Wix & Squarespace.

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Build, design and integrate an interactive calculator just like this one without a single line of code. Use calculators to offer custom price quotes, collect leads and segment them efficiently.

What you can do with calculators

customized paths for users. Hyper personalization.
custom layouts and elements.
user flow illustration.
  • Using, you have the option to email-gate the outcome and request your visitors to provide their email addresses to get the result. This way you can automagically grow your email list and constantly pour new leads into it. Interactive calculators can provide personalized results based on the user's inputs. This makes your calculator more engaging and useful, and encourages users to share their results with others.

  • If an interactive calculator provides useful or surprising results, users are more likely to share it with their friends and family on social media or other platforms. This can increase reach and dwell time on your site which can eventually help you generate more leads.

  • A customized calculator on your website can help you to better understand your audience and their preferences. By analyzing the responses of your audience, you can build user lists and create targeted marketing campaigns catering to them.

Powerful Toolbox

All you need for maximizing lead generation

Logic Jumps

Guide users to different pages & questions depending on what they answer.

Hidden Fields

Save data from the URL, pipe values to the text and prefill or hide personal data fields.

Pop-ups & Embeds

Publish projects on your website as embeds or pop-ups with triggers.

Custom Calculations

Easily create formulas with Excel-type functions & conditional logic.

Individual Scoring

Assign positive or negative values to each answer and use them in formulas.

Outcome Logic

Set different end pages and define your custom logic for displaying them.

Custom Fonts

Personalize the look and feel of projects according to your very own corporate identity.

Answer Piping

Personalize follow-up questions using previous participant answers & data.

Collect leads in exchange for calculator results

Send results via email that can be designed directly in You can even add images, attachments, and preview your emails on various devices, all without relying on a 3rd party tool.

custom layouts and elements.
user flow illustration.

Record partial submissions

Gain deeper insights by analyzing users' incomplete responses. gives you access to the partial responses of users who started interacting with your calculator but left before getting a final calculation or before leaving their contact details.

By identifying patterns in user behavior and discovering what causes them to abandon your calculator, you can optimize it further and increase your conversion rates.

Native Integrations

Connect your calculator to your favorite apps

Connect your calculator to other tools in your stack, from CRMs and ESPs to productivity tools. Sync gathered calculator data and automate processes in marketing, sales, project management, customer support & more.
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Interactive Calculator Templates

Get Started: Build A Calculator

If you’re not sure where to start, pick one among 200+ templates, customize it and add your unique formula. You can change every little thing in the design of your calculator, give it a try now.

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