Calculator Templates's calculator templates are designed to help you engage your audience and create interactive experiences that deliver real value.

Whether you need to calculate a budget or estimate a price, with's pre-designed templates you can quickly create custom calculators without any coding skills.

With a range of templates to choose from, you can easily customize the design, layout, and fields to match your brand and specific needs.

Our calculator templates are perfect for various industries and anyone looking to add interactive elements to their website. Get started quickly by choosing one of our customizable templates. With, you have the freedom to tailor the formula, logos, colors, and all other elements to match your brand perfectly. This way, your calculator will seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing materials and enhance your brand's overall aesthetic.

Calculator Templates

How can I use my custom calculator as a lead magnet?

If you offer a product or service with dynamic pricing, consider creating a calculator that takes into account various variables and calculates the price based on the answers provided. With, you can easily email gate the calculation results, requiring leads to share their email addresses in exchange for the result.

Once you've captured their email address, you can either send the price in an automated email (which you can set up directly within or reach out to your leads directly. This feature is especially useful for B2B sales, where personalized communication is key.

By email gating your calculator results, you can collect valuable lead information and nurture them with targeted marketing campaigns.

How to create a custom calculator?

Choose a template that suits your needs, add your own Excel-like formula and modify the formula, input fields, design elements, logos, colors, and more.'s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to customize your calculator without any coding skills.

What kind of calculators can I create with

Our platform enables you to create various types of calculators, including ROI calculators, mortgage calculators, auto loan calculators, price estimators, and other financial calculators. With, you have the flexibility to customize each calculator to match your brand and specific needs, empowering you to deliver engaging experiences and provide real value to your audience.

How can I promote my custom calculator?

Embedding your calculator in your website is a great way to make it known to your website visitors. Place it in a prominent place, such as on the home page or a special landing page.

You can also share it as a standalone page, through social media channels, or via email.

Can I connect other tools to my cost calculator?

Connect your calculator to a variety of tools, including CRMs, ESPs, Google spreadsheets and productivity tools. Find the full list of integrations here

How to create my own formula for custom calculator?'s templates cover basic calculators such as mortgage calculator, HR employee evaluation score, email marketing ROI, and more. You can just choose one of the available calculators and put your name on it. 

If you have a specific calculation in mind, you can easily create your own custom formula within the calculation form in The logic is similar to that of Excel spreadsheets, making it easy for you to identify variables and use available math functions to put your formula together.