Quiz Templates

Find a series of exciting and interactive quizzes created with involve.me. Our quizzes are designed to be entertaining and informative for users from various industries.

At involve.me, we know that well-made quizzes are a powerful tool for engagement and lead generation. To save your time, we offer a wide range of customizable quiz templates that allow you to quickly create a quiz that fits your brand without code.

With our templates, you can create your own quiz to test your audience's knowledge, get valuable feedback or simply entertain your users and collect qualified leads.

Quiz Templates

Why should you make an interactive quiz?

Branded quizzes increase engagement, personalize your marketing messages, and collect user data such as email addresses and contact information. Impress your audience with something as entertaining and useful as online quizzes.

Is there a free quiz maker?

involve.me is a freemium online quiz maker, which means you can create a simple quiz for your brand for free. To unlock advanced features, get a paid plan that starts at $19 per month.

How involve.me quiz maker works?

Choose the template that works for you, customise it to your liking by adding your brand logo, colors, question types and correct answers. You can choose the quiz format (such as multiple-choice, true/false, or open-ended questions) and add conditional branching to create personalized quiz paths based on the user's responses.

To automate your processes, integrate your quiz with third-party tools such as email marketing platforms and CRM systems or Google sheets. See the full list of integrations here

Once ready, embed your quiz into your website or share via email or social media. With involve.me, you can create engaging quizzes without coding. Our quiz builder allows to drag and drop all elements. 

What kind of quizzes can I make with involve.me? 

With involve.me quiz creator, you can create any kind of interactive content - trivia quizzes, personality quizzes, product recommendation quizzes, lead generation quizzes, knowledge assessments, etc. 

Are there any analytics available in involve.me online quiz creator?

involve.me provides a range of analytics tools that allow you to gain insights into your quiz performance. Segment your quiz results by demographics such as age, gender, and location. See quiz takers' behavior such as time spent on each question and quiz completion time. 

A single quiz can give you enough data to refine your marketing strategies and create more effective campaigns.