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Benefits of running an NPS® Survey

Measure and improve customer loyalty easily


Measure customer sentiment & loyalty 📡

A standardized Net Promoter Score® helps you easily track the evolution of customer sentiment and loyalty over time.


Enhance customer retention 🤝

Run periodical surveys to identify dissatisfied customers and address their issues well in time before they churn.


Benchmark your performance 📈

Compare your performance against industry standards. Identify your strengths and strategically position your business on the market.


Make decisions backed with data 📋

Use customer feedback to discover areas for optimization. Collect customer suggestions for improvement.

Why it's important to prioritize customer loyalty

Loyal customers not only make repeat purchases but also tend to spend more over time, increasing their lifetime value to your company. They often become brand advocates, sharing their positive experiences and attracting new customers through word-of-mouth referrals. Cultivating loyalty fosters a stable revenue stream, reduces marketing costs, and enhances your competitive edge in the marketplace.

Create your NPS® survey in minutes

Creating a NPS® survey is easy with an online survey maker like
Simply drag & drop your questions onto the canvas. Pick all the question types you need. Adjust the design to your brand guidelines.
Publish your survey as an link, or as an embeddable snippet.

How to get the most out of your survey

Best practices for designing Net Promoter Score® surveys

NPS survey maker.
  • Identify and prioritize key aspects of the customer experience you want to measure and tailor follow-up questions accordingly. Answers need to be quantifiable if you want to measure them, that's why NPS® with numerical values are a great option.

  • Knowing what needs improving is a good start. But you also need to figure out why exactly it is not working and how to make it better. Ask open-ended follow-up questions to discover the reasons for lower ratings and get input on how to resolve those issues.

  • NPS® survey by itself can bring great insights. However, you can add follow-up questions to understand your customers better. Don't ask more questions than is absolutely necessary. Best performing NPS® surveys have two questions only.

  • Employ conditional logic to display relevant follow-up questions based on participants' responses. Avoid unnecessary and off-tone questions.

  • Offer a variety of response options, such as multiple-choice, yes or no, Likert scale, and open-ended questions, to prevent response fatigue and gather diverse feedback. For questions with numerous answer choices, consider using drop-down menus.

  • Send surveys at strategic times, such as after high-value interactions, a specific duration of time on the site, or upon exit intent, to capture feedback when it's most relevant. Increase survey exposure by using side labels or pop-ups on your website.

  • Use your NPS® surveys to amplify the impact of your promoters with immediate rewards. Offer targeted incentives to those who love your product so they go and promote your tool on public review platforms.

How To Calculate The Net Promoter Score®

Start with a simple 0-to-10 scale question:

"How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?"

Next, calculate the percentages for three different segments:

  • Promoters (9-10 ratings)

  • Passives (7-8)

  • Detractors (6 and less)

Finally, use this formula to calculate the score:

NPS® = % of Promoters - % of Detractors

The score can range from -100 to 100. The higher, the better.

Video showing an NPS survey experience.

At the end of the day, NPS® is just a score. It is what you do with it that makes it so powerful for business growth.

Using NPS® surveys you can clearly see your overall Net Promoter Score® and design adequate follow-up actions based on the provided open feedback.

Get inspired and find the right template for your needs

NPS® survey examples & templates

Looking to kick off swiftly? Opt for a straightforward NPS® survey to monitor the overall customer loyalty over time. For deeper insights into the factors affecting customer loyalty, deploy the more advanced NPS® survey. Trigger these surveys on a purchase confirmation page, embed them in your customer portal, or send them via email to recent customers.

Simple NPS® survey displaying satisfaction score from "Not likely at all" to "Extremely likely".

Simple NPS® Survey

Present a straightforward survey, inviting your visitors to rate their overall experience and ask for the reason that influenced their decision.

Slider questions.

Advanced NPS® Survey

Feature an advanced survey prompting visitors to rate various aspects of their experience. Collect their email addresses for follow-up communication.

How to analyze your NPS® results

Derive actionable insights from your survey

NPS® survey alone might not give you enough information to measure overall loyalty. That can be influenced by various factors such as product quality, customer service, pricing, convenience, and more. A well-designed survey will help you identify factors driving changes in loyalty levels for different customer segments and tell you what measures to take.

Analytics dashboard

Use our pre-built dashboards to view detailed metrics for closed-ended questions from your survey, as well as interaction stats like engagement & completion rates, and drop-off points.

AI insights

Don't waste your time cleaning, categorizing & counting open-ended feedback. Make use of our AI reports to crunch data, extract main insights, and get suggestions for the next steps.

Detailed customer responses

Interested in a specific customer's answers? Easily jump into their profile and view the details of their feedback. Review their previous interactions on a timeline.

Why wait? Start tracking customer satisfaction now.

Many ways to get your survey in front of your visitors

Create NPS® surveys that will work great on any device, in any setting. Embed your survey within your page content, trigger them as a pop-up, or publish them as a full landing page.

request collection form.
request form.
request collection form.
request collection form.
request collection form.
request collection form.
  • Have your survey pop-up as a modal over a page. Choose from multiple triggers, like a button click, page load, time on page, or exit intent.

  • Embed your survey into any block on a page. The survey will responsively adapt to the block's constraints.

  • Ensure that your fullscreen survey is the sole content displayed on the page.

  • Let your survey slide in from the side upon button click, page load, time on page, or exit intent.

  • Place a label at one of the edges of a page and have your survey slide in from the side when the label is clicked on.

  • Place a chat-like button in the corner of a page and have your survey expand upon button click.

Hassle-free implementation

Use our Shopify and Wordpress plugins to smoothly embed your survey into your website.

Using a different CMS? Simply copy & paste our short code snippet where you want our survey to appear.

View our help article 📖


What makes us better than the competition

Better performance in every aspect

design projects the way you want.

Powerful yet easy customization

Our intuitive drag & drop editor simplifies the process of creating professional surveys from scratch. Whether you seek inspiration or guidance, use our AI generator or select a pre-built template.

Effortlessly integrate text, images, videos, animated GIFs, buttons, drop-down menus, rating scales, and sliders into your surveys. And that's just the beginning.

Customize every detail to align with your brand identity, from colors and fonts to corner roundness and transparency.

Efficient participant acquisition

Share your survey either as a standalone landing page, a responsive embed in your website or a pop-up with custom trigger events.

Invite chosen contacts via email to provide their feedback. Generate a unique QR code and short URL for easier sharing.

Use coupon codes or anonymous mode to motivate more users to participate.

embedding options illustration.

Higher data quality

Implement powerful form validation rules to ensure your customer data is clean, emails and phone numbers exist and meet your criteria. Password-protect your survey and limit submissions per user.

Use conditional logic to show only relevant questions and collect more data.

Calculate scores based on your chosen criteria and have AI categorize your participants and their feedback.

Automated insights extraction

Take your data analysis to the next level. Get rid of manual classification. Summarize your data and spot interesting findings automatically.

Our AI insights tool swiftly processes both quantitative and qualitative data, providing you with a summary of results, including valuable conclusions and recommendations.

Use pre-built dashboards to analyze important interaction metrics and view detailed submission data.

NPS® Survey Maker.

Many follow-up & integration options

Display different outcome messages, or redirect to different destinations.

Send thank you emails to participants, or notifications to your team.

Sync segmented contact lists & submission data with your spreadsheet, CRM or email marketing tools to take immediate action.

Join the 3.000+ businesses using daily

Powerful toolbox

A feature for any need

Contact Profiles

Use contact profiles to view all collected data for a specific participant.

Submission Limitations

Block repeat submissions. Password-protect projects. Set expiration dates & participant number limits.

Contact Data Validation

Only accept submissions with valid email addresses and phone numbers.

B2B Lead Qualification

Block submissions with personal or disposable email addresses.

Scores & Calculations

Assign numerical values to answers & easily create formulas with functions & conditional logic.

Logic Jumps

Guide users to different pages & questions depending on what they answer.

Participant Emails

Send email confirmations to users who interacted with your content instantly and use variables to customize.

Internal Email Notifications

Send email notifications with collected data to yourself or your team whenever a visitor submits a form.

Answer Piping

Personalize follow-up questions using previous participant answers & data.

Hidden Fields

Save data from the URL, pipe values to the text and prefill or hide personal data fields.

AI Generated Text

Let AI create individual text feedback for your users from custom prompts.

Many More Features

Explore all of our features.

50+ native integrations

Sync data with top automation tools

Connect your NPS® survey to various CRM and automation tools. Sync contact lists and project response data with other apps to enrich your other systems and trigger follow-up actions.
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