Gather Better Data
With Advanced Tracking

Track detailed events on a granular level for each project 🕵️

In our never-ending quest to improve's capabilities, we've been taking many of our customers' suggestions to ❤️. We've been providing built-in analytics for all of your project pages and widgets for quite some time now. Our users can also integrate tracking codes from tools like Google Analytics and Facebook on a project level. In the past few weeks we've expanded on those capabilities and today we have some BIG news!


    Gather better data

    With our most recent platform update come many custom events that can be tracked and the ability to integrate with Google Tag Manager.

  • Receive detailed data via Google Analytics and Google Ads events
  • Receive detailed data via Facebook Pixel events
  • Automate further with Google Tag Manager
  • Install any custom script via Google Tag Manager
  • The basic Google Analytics and Facebook tracking is now also available in the Free plan
  • In your response summary, see how many users answered a question, but did not complete

Analyze & achieve your goals with advanced tracking

Supported platforms

  • Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Any other platform via Google Tag Manager

Available events

  • Project loaded
  • Question progress
  • Project completed
  • Question and corresponding answer, including detailed data
  • Social media share click
  • External URL click
Check out the list of events along with all variables/parameters available


Goal #1: Segment users into audiences

Get valuable user data that helps you segment them for your ads, remarketing campaign, CRM or e-mail newsletter. Easily build segmented audiences in Google Ads, Facebook and other platforms.

As sends detailed response data, you can easily segment people based on:
  • the project they participated in
  • their answers (multiple choice, slider, rating, opt-ins) once completed
  • their answer score per question once completed
  • their final score
  • number of questions answered correctly
  • their final outcome (for multiple outcome projects)
  • calculator results
  • and any combination of these.

Goal #2: Generate more leads

Understand where users are leaving your projects. Improve your funnel and get more leads and conversions.

  • See the complete funnel for each project:
    Project loaded, Questions progress and Project completed
  • Calculate the conversion rate for each stage of your funnel
  • Calculate drop off rate for each question
  • Easily target people who have started but not finished your project.

Goal #3: Convert visitors into customers

More relevant messages mean higher CTR and engagement for your users.
Get better results of your advertising, higher ROI or smaller ad spend.

  • Create segment specific ads and landing pages for your paid marketing campaigns
  • Get higher CTR and engagement with more relevant messages to the users
  • Save money & time by targeting only desired visitor or customer segments
  • Use segmented data for more efficient newsletters or e-mail sequences.

Receive data in Google Analytics

If you have a tracking code active, your project will automatically send all events available for your plan to your Google Analytics. Find the events in Google Analytics here: Behaviour > Events > Top Events Advanced tracking options Learn more about how to set up Google Analytics.

Receive data in Facebook Pixel

If you have a tracking code active, your project will automatically send all events available for your plan to your Facebook Pixel. Find the events in Facebook Business here: Measure & Report > Events Manager > Pixels Advanced tracking options Learn more about how to set up Facebook Pixel.

Google Tag Manager

If you have your Google Tag Manager active on your project setting, your GTM container will be loaded. Advanced tracking options

Install any custom script via Google Tag Manager

Using Google Tag Manager is the quickest and easiest way to install any other script or functionality to your project. Just add your scripts as you are used to in Google Tag Manager. Learn more about Google Tag Manager set up.

Automate your data further with Google Tag Manager

To receive events into your Google Tag Manager, you have to manually set the triggers (events) and variables. Learn more about Google Tag Manager set up.

Ready to experience our new advanced analytics?

Connect with your favorite third-party applications via Google Tag Manager to get greater insight into your online marketing efforts, increase your conversion rates with in-depth analytics and ensure you always have the best-performing interactive widgets on your site.