Guide To's New Native Integration with Drip

Turn customer data into customer loyalty with interactive content 🛍️

E-commerce CRM data and marketing automation wizard Drip is natively integrated with’s interactive content builder. lead page, form, survey, calculator, quiz and payment form data is instantly sent to Drip, updating contact information and creating new ones.

Setting up the integration, including custom field mapping takes less than a minute and can be done on the project level as well as on the organization level. Set up your drip integration here. If you need more help, check out this Drip integration tutorial.

Is there a software that plays an integral role in your workflow that’s not natively integrated with yet? Let us know here, we’re taking suggestions! native ingegration with Drip CRM

The combined conversion magic of a good CRM and stunning, professionally designed interactive content is key to customer acquisition and retention. This handsfree integration between Drip and lets you nurture, segment and convert leads in your sleep like the marketing wizard you are.

How to use the native integration with Drip

Drip is a CRM specifically created with e-commerce businesses’ needs in mind. After connecting your Shopify, Magento, WooComerce or custom store to Drip, you can start gathering customer data, personalizing their experience and building and tracking user engagement for perfectly optimized ads. How do you synchronize this machine with

1. Collect more leads to study customer data

Use smart interactive lead pages in your social ads

A high converting lead page can make or break your social ads. Every marketer knows that. But not every marketer knows how to code and design. Pick a lead page from a gallery of professionally designed templates and customize you data collection with logic jumps and answer piping.

Create smart, conversational forms that feel fun and personal making lead segmentation more detailed with less questions.’s analytics let you optimize your forms based on detailed drop off rate data and views to submissions ratios, further polishing your acquisition strategy.

2. Create personalized landing pages for each lead

Create thousands of one-on-one interactions with conversational forms

71% of consumers express some level of frustration when their shopping experience is impersonal. 44% of consumers say that they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience with a particular company.

Personalizing each buyer’s shopping experience is crucial for repeat conversions. Create thousands of one-on-one moments with’s remote ID and cross-project participants in your acquisition forms and lead pages, segmentation surveys and quizzes and conversion payment pages and price calculators.

3. Track and up user engagement with interactive content

Guide your high value leads through their purchase with interactive payment forms

Drip’s up-to-date social engagement tracking and corresponding Instagram to inbox observe as well as build unique buying patterns for each customer. Follow up on those meaningful interactions with smart lead pages and payment forms that know the history of each contact’s behavior and let them further customize their experience.

Guide your most valuable customers through their purchase with custom payment forms or funnel your new acquisitions with an interactive lead experience. Convert first-time website visitors as well as old contacts that have gone cold.

Didn’t find your favourite software? We are listening! Let us know what native integrations you’d like to see next here.

Didn’t find your favourite software? We are listening! Let us know what native integrations you’d like to see next here.