The Date & Time Picker

Schedule deliveries, book meetings & much more 🗓️

Whether you use for gathering lead data or for creating recurring interactions with your customer base, you'll find our newest content element very useful. The date & time picker is our newest interactive widget that will enable your users to share availability times & much more with you. 🕒


Just drag & drop the date & time picker on any page and let your users choose a specific day, month & year, as well as the time in hours, minutes & seconds from a dropdown calendar view. You can also customize the placeholder text and choose which format to show the user:

  • Date & Time
  • Date Only
  • Time Only
Our new content element has the same granular design customization options as the other question types, making it easy for you to blend it in your overall visual identity.


The date & time picker opens up a host of new use cases, ranging from customer appointment & meeting bookings to e-commerce delivery time scheduling, all within a few clicks and as easy as drag & drop.