Understanding churn
= less churn

A cancellation funnel can prevent up to 42% ofcancellations.

How do cancellation funnels work?

Churn is the monster under every subscription business' bed. It slowly eats away at profits and staggers growth.

A fully automated, responsive churn funnel will talk to customers who are about to cancel and find out what's really going on.

Unhappy customers see cancelling as the only solution. A churn funmel will help you match each unhappy customer with a custom, personalized solution.

Bring out the big guns to fight churn = build a friendly, human, churn funnel.

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Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes

Add coupon codes from your platform of choice, assign them to lists & display them to your customers.
Multiple Outcomes

Multiple Outcomes

Show different outcome pages based on each person's answers and set up custom redirects or call-to-actions.

Pick a churn funnel template

Let a tested, high-performing template quide you towards making a churn funnel with your own branding, questions and solutions.
customer exit survey
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Find what causes each churn case

Ask questions and develop them into automated conversations that don't feel robotic or annoying. Don't block the door, just make sure it's the right one.

Turn problems into solutions

Cancelling is not the right choice for each customer. Find out what's not quite right for them and fix it: automatically and immediately.
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How to make a cancellation funnelInstant, effortless setup with no technical skills


Step 1

Pick A Template

Add your logo, fonts and colours

how to make a cancelation funnel

Step 2

Ask Questions

Identify the reason for cancelling

how to make a cancelation survey
cancelation survey templates

Step 3

Set Up Alternatives

Offer support, pasuing or discounts

how to reduce customer and revenue churn

Build a cancellation funnel from a template

Have your funnel solve your customers problems automatically.

Everyone can make an exit survey. A basic exit survey asks questions and displays a "Thank you for your feedback!" page at the end. involve.me doesn't make exit surveys, it makes churn funnels. involve.me listens to what each client says and responds with on-the-go solutions immediately. And you can set this all up in a visual drag & drop editor your whole team can use.

Real-Time Automated Conversations

Unhappy customers are the most valuable customers you can have. They tell you about everything that's wrong so you can fix it. involve.me asks questions beautifully and offers on-the-spot solutions catered to each customer.

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Customer Data Tracking

Wondering why customers cancel? A cancellation funnel will tell you: what % of people think it's too expensive, what % people are not getting the results they need, what % of people are happy with you, but just too busy.

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Personalized Emails

Follow up on each customer in a personal way. involve.me emails can be personalized with any information collected from your cancellation funnel. Completely different emails can be sent to different customers - send discounts, introduce customer support or just say thanks.

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Visual Churn Analytics

Find out where most customers think you can improve through charts and data visualizations. See percentage breakdowns of each answer along with demographic data and devices used. And of course you can export all of that.

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Responsive cancellation funnels can reduce revenue churn by up to 42%.

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How Churn Funnels Work

involve.me is a flexible and easy-to-use tool to create churn funnels. It's packed with features that help you talk to each customer on a personal level and present them with appropriate cancellaion alternatives.
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200+ templates

You don't have to be a designer or a web developer.
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Add your branding

Customize your funnel with your logo and company colours.
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Call customers by their name & include their subscription details.
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Feedback Sorting

Send customers on different paths based on what they tell you.
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Email Follow Up

Personalized, branded, automated emails.
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Feedback Analytics

Identify what you're doing right and wrong.

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