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Why you need a classroom quiz

An easy way to boost memory retention, encourage participation, and create a fun learning experience is through online quizzes for students. offers a wide variety of quizzes you can create from scratch or from a template. With full control over both look and function, you’ll be ready to quiz & grade your students online within minutes.

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Display Scores

Show either number of correctly answered questions or the overall score. Display total option.
Logic Jumps

Logic Jumps

Let students skip irrelevant questions or ask for more details automagically. Create paths through your questions.
Multiple Outcomes

Multiple Outcomes

Show different outcome pages based on each person's answers and set up custom redirects or call-to-actions.

How to make a classroom quizTest your students with fun online quizzes that take 10 minutes to make


Step 1

Type in your questions

Add comments to correct and incorrect answers

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Step 2

Drag & drop special elements

Add timers, follow up questions, images or gifs

how do you create a student quiz

Step 3

Set up automated scoring

Add scores to each answer to automatically show grades

make quizzes for students

Drag & drop your classroom quiz in minutes's simple but powerful drag & drop editor lets you build classroom quizzes in no time. No coding, or design skills needed. Just pick a template and type in your questions, mark correct and incorrect answers, add notes and instant feedback or time limits and scores. To make it more fun as well as educational, images, gifs and videos can be added just as easily.

Create fun new ways for your students to retain information and revise the lesson.
Classroom quizzes take 10 minutes to make and modernize the way you assign and grade homework.

Show Students Instant Feedback

Mark answers as correct or incorrect for instant feedback. Add notes and tips to incorrect answers to help your students understand where they made a mistake.

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Add Time Limits

Make your classroom quizzes more challenging by time-restricting each question. Pick differnt time limits based on the question's difficulty.

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Grade Your Tests Automatically

Add scores or points to each answer and your quiz will tell your students how they did automatically after they complete it.

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Pick from 200+ designs

All templates are mobile friendly and automatically adjust to any screen, so you don't have to worry about the technical or design stuff. It just works.

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This is made with involve.meWith our tool you can build, design and integrate interactive content just like this one all by yourself. No coding required.

Send test results to your students

A copy of each student's answers can be sent automatically

Send answer summaries, scores or in/correct answers via email set up and designed directly in
Add images, attachments and preview your emails on different devices. All without a 3rd party tool.Learn more

Custom Emails to Participants

Fast, easy and automatic.

Student Performance & Feedback Reports

Receive automated analytics and stats so that you can easily review detailed reports for student groups and individual students. Browse through individual student responses, visualize response behavior for each question, track time for completion, completion rates and average scores automatically. makes it also easy for you to track your students across different quizzes.
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Get advanced quiz summary stats

See what questions your students get wrong the most and how your class is performing as a whole.
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Monitor individual student performance

Analyze your students' performance with all their quizz scores and individual answers in one place.
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Download results as CSV or XLS

The CSV export includes only key metrics and personal student data, the XLS export includes the full data-set.

Partial Submissions

Use incomplete responses to gain more insight into your users.

In you can view the unfinished responses of people who start to fill out your forms, answer a few of your questions and leave. You can easily identify behavior patterns, find out what makes people click away, gather more data and capture lost leads. Use these insights to improve your projects and conversion rates. Learn more

Partial Submissions

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