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Meet the Team Involved We are a team of experienced and passionate professionals
always on the lookout for people ready to make an impact.

Vlad from

"Brings food
for the team daily."

Vlad, The Impaler
Florian from

"Cleans up
the code of conduct."

Florian, The Robot
Razvan from

"Makes sure everything
is just right."

Razvan, The Perfectionist
Full Stack Development
Monika from

"Makes data
meet witchcraft."

Monika, The Automage
Growth Marketing
Stephane from

"Challenges the
Status Quo."

Stephane, Mr. Fixit
Customer Success
Egor from

"Makes zeros
and ones work."

Egor, The Developer
Full Stack Development
Bobbie from

"Transforms snippets
into stories."

Bobbie, The Shutterbug
Video Content Creator
Tavi from

"Aligns everything
to the grid."

Tavi, The Ruler
UI & UX Design
Daniel from

just fine for him."

Daniel, The Architect
Dev Ops & Security
Stefan from

"Pushes the pixel
to its limits."

Stefan, The Stylist
Product Advisor

Always on the lookout
for great people.

You perhaps?