What can you make in involve.me?involve.me is a new way to ask students questions: design, send, grade and report with one tool only

Pop quiz for students

Pop quizzes

Make quick online quizzes in no time.
online test for students

Online Tests

Create instant feedback knowledge tests.
academic research survey for university students

Research Surveys

Make, run and analyze complex surveys.
online assessment quiz for students

Student Assessments

Test how much your students know.
practice exam prepration online for students

Exam Preparation

Create autograded practice exams online.
Higher education sotrware for schools and teachers

Higher Education E-Learning

Shift classes online with no technical skill.
Drag & Drop Editor

Make quizzes, tests and exams with no technical skills

If you can send an email, you can make an online quiz in involve.me - everything is visual and drag & drop. We have a library of templates as well as video tutorials.
Drag & Drop Editor
Design Settings
Detailed Design Settings

Ask your questions in a beautiful and fun way

The better you ask, the better answers you get. Ask with images, gifs or keep it open with text input fields. Add a fun twist to homework in less than 10 minutes.
It Works In Your Browser

Nobody has to download & install anything

Design, send and analyze everything in whatever browser you're using, on whatever computer you have. All your students have to do is click the link you send them.
Embed Quiz

Fully Custom Look And FunctionalityDrag & drop image or text questions, videos and numeric fields to create e-learning experiences

How to make a classroom quizTest your students with fun online quizzes that take 10 minutes to make


Step 1

Type in your questions

Add comments to correct and incorrect answers

Find the perfect product for each customer

Step 2

Drag & drop special elements

Add timers, follow up questions, images or gifs

Make a dedicated high conversion product page

Step 3

Set up automated scoring

Add scores to each answer to automatically show grades

Create a personalized check out experience

Instant Feedback Notes & Tips

Teachers can mark answers as correct or incorrect for instant feedback. Adding notes and tips to incorrect answers helps students learn more.

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Add Time Limits

Each question can be time-restricted with a simple timer. Teachers can set up individual timer limits based on the question's difficulty.

Make your first classroom quiz

Automated Grades & Scores

Every answer comes with an option to assign point values. Give 1 point for a simple question answered correclty, 3 for a complex one and 0 for answering wrong.

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Student Performance Reporting

See individual as well as class performance overtime at a glance. Exportable reports and visualized data charts clearly show you what students struggle with most.

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This is made with involve.meWith our tool you can build, design and share interactive quizzes & surveys just like this one all by yourself. No coding required.

Non-technical, collaborative and scalable.

Education Professionals Features

Cactus commerce
Summary Stats

Technophobe friendly

Create beautiful e-learning experiences without any technical skills.
Many Customers

Custom design

Customize your design with images, videos or gifs. Pick your colours and fonts.
Data Download

Score-based result pages

Show students different result pages based on how many points they get.
Summary Stats

Answer summary emails

Set up automated emails sent straight from involve.me, no other software needed.
Many Customers

Automated grading

Remove involve.me branding and promote your own brand with custom URLs.
Data Download

Exportable reports

Monitor overall and individual student performance with visual, eportable reports.

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