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Product Recommendation
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Recommend products and services by using interactive embeddable quizzes. Simplify sales processes and help customers make purchase decisions in an engaging way.

  • Boost sales by providing automated buying assistance
  • Increase order value using personalized recommendations
  • Help customers find products and services they need
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Why do you need to create a product recommendation quiz using involve.me?

Code-free product recommendation quizzes are so effortless to build with involve.me. Just drag and drop all content elements and then easily add your brand colors, questions, images, and fonts. 

Build an embeddable quiz to better explain your products or services, help customers understand why your offerings fit them and eventually personalize your product selection so they find exactly what suits them best. Using a shoppable quiz will help you understand your customers quickly, increase the chances of sales and provide a great experience to your audience so that they will want to come back.

You can build a shopping assistant for your website pretty fast, without technical knowledge. We have all the features you may need!

Create quizzes to make things fun and easy all the way to the sale. 

Personality Quiz Maker.

Your Benefits

Why you'll love our product recommendation quiz tool

Personality Quiz Maker.

Make entire product finder funnels in a few minutes

Define the customer journey, add questions, upload images, and customize the logic flow - it's all visual and drag & drop in our online builder. We have a library of templates and video tutorials to help you easily create a branded product recommendation quiz in no time.

Easily embed your product recommendation quiz on your website

With a design that perfectly matches your corporate identity and a smart logic flow, you can easily embed your digital product recommendation quiz into any website. Just generate your unique embed code in one click our tool and show it to your audience on your website. You can also present the quiz as a pop up window upon exit intent, after time delay and other events.

share your projects.
Personality Quiz Maker.

Engage customers in a fun way and collect actionable data

Get to know your audience better. Collect quality data about their challenges, needs and wants. Segment your potential customers and benefit from a detailed analytics dashboard with relevant actionable data. Simply connect your CRM of choice and keep in touch with leads till they convert and purchase your product or service.

No credit card required

AI Process Automation

AI-Powered From Start to Finish!

Lead Generation Quiz.


The AI form generator will quickly create a customized project, integrating your branding from your website's URL. In just a few seconds you'll have an on-brand template to work with.


Use AI in your projects to personalize the experience with individualized responses & feedback. Define a prompt and let AI make every interaction unique & relevant. Create custom AI tools.


Use AI Insights to save hours of sifting through data collected from your projects. Generate reports with summaries, key findings & recommendations. Reports are ready in just a few seconds.

What you can do with a product recommendation quiz?

onboarding flows in a customized way.
engagement analytics and survey illustration.
survey and analytics.
  • Is your product too difficult to understand without a demo? Do you offer customizations with different prices? Do your services include terms that can be explained better visually? All of this can be set up once in a short time and then run on autopilot using a product quiz funnel.

  • Automatically create one-on-one interactions. involve.me product recommendation quizzes embedded in your website can ask all the important questions and refer to the perfect product. Be there to help your customers all the time.

  • Let your customers build custom price packages and configure product variants automatically. Use our formula builder to create pricing formulas. You can also enable PayPal, Square and Stripe to collect payments directly.

  • See partial shopper submissions, analyze drop offs and fix leaks. involve.me tracks a variety of data submission types and behaviors. Detailed analytics show an in-depth visual analysis of every submission, including incomplete ones. Combined with Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics, partial submission tracking gives a fully automated, intelligent way to track non-buyers and reduce abandonment rates.

Test the product

This embedded product finder quiz is made with involve.me

Create your own professional-looking product recommendation quiz without a single line of code. Take one of our templates and get started.

Features that will help you

Guide shoppers all the way to your checkout page

Whether you are selling something with combinable varieties and multiple pricing options, or your customers need guidance before completing a payment, involve.me will take care of that for you. We will help you simplify your sales process in a fun and engaging way.

customized paths for users. Hyper personalization.

Product Mix & Match

Match different products that complement each other, creating a unique shopping experience.

Payment Confirmation Emails

Keep your customers informed about their purchase and build trust.

Custom URLs

Create a URL that will match your brand identity and share it with your audience.

Automated 1-on-1 Advice

Deliver personalized recommendations to your customers without personal involvement.

Abandoned Cart Analytics

Understand why your potential customers leave and optimize the buying journey.

Exportable Reports

Share results and hard data with other team members for effective collaboration.

Native Integrations

Connect your product finder quiz to your favorite apps

Find involve.me’s integrations to get the most out of your product recommendation quiz. Automate processes and collect data easily with available integrations.
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Product recommendation quiz templates

Get Started: Create Your Product Recommendation Quiz

Need some inspiration? Check involve.me template library and create your own product recommendation quiz with the help of a template. Change the layout, add or remove elements, add your logo and fonts.

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“Superb tool to analyze & understand customer behaviour.”

“With involve.me we’re able to process leads 4 times faster.”
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