Meet the all-new design

How we’ve reimagined the UX for creating interactive UIs 🎨

When we started working on brandquiz back in early 2018, we’d set out to develop a flexible quiz builder with the kind of design chops we hadn’t found elsewhere. While we still experienced the traditional twists and turns of an early stage product, we’ve come a long way since.

the all new brandquiz

Now, over 5.5k commits later while we’re approaching the end of 2018, over 600 customers, from SMBs and agencies to global brands like Universal Pictures use brandquiz to create personalized interactive customer journeys for every step of their funnel.

code commits
Enabled by many more litres ☕

Now, over 5.5k commits later while we’re approaching the end of 2018, over 600 customers, from SMBs and agencies to global brands like Universal Pictures use brandquiz to create personalized interactive customer journeys for every step of their funnel.

everything from quizzes, personality tests, interactive forms, giveaways & surveys to lead pages, calculators & much more!
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Snapshot from our support stats 🤩

We’d been shipping many functional features in 3 week sprints throughout the year, and customers were happy. But now the time was ripe for tackling the UI & UX!

So with tons of real-world input we began tinkering and rethinking the look & feel of the interactive interfaces built with brandquiz. And today, after almost 2 months of design & code magic, we’re proud to introduce to you the all-new and enhanced brandquiz! 🎉

General Design Settings

We’ve created a quicker and easier way of making project-wide changes to the look & feel, by inserting an additional layer of design settings which take effect over all elements, on all pages within a specific project.

brandquiz editor
There’s levels to this #ish

On this level, users can set a font for headlines & questions and one for all other text items, from text blocks to individual answers. There’s also a new option for setting the size of all questions to either small, medium or large.

design options
General styling options.

We’ve included specific styling options which also apply overall, such as colors for text, elements and highlights, where the latter takes effect on rollover or when a field is selected.

You can now select the colors for the background and the content card (formerly content area), while also choosing the level of its visibility.

The rounded corners slider affects everything from answer options to input fields & buttons.

One major layout enhancement which we’ve rolled out is the ability to select new alignment types for your content. Additionally to the former centred look, you can now have your content aligned on the left or the right side of your project background, intuitively with just one click.

Check it out:

editor options
Left, left, left, right, left!

Transparent & Solid Design

Another new feature is the option to switch between solid and transparent design. With just the switch of a simple toggle you can swap between transparent and solid design of the whole project, and all without having to dig too deep into the settings of each element. Though there’s a treasure trove of additional design options for the ones amongst you who’d like to push the limits of customization. 😎

editor options
You can further adjust the level of transparency for each content element.

We’ve also redesigned all content elements, created harmonious proportions between them for both desktop and mobile and have even redesigned the error messages your users receive when not filling out your required fields. Working through all elements, we’ve also added most of the same options to all question type and form field elements, most notably the ability to add individual description texts as sub-headlines to the questions.

Additional Updates

To simplify the creation process and help you keep balanced proportions between content elements, we’ve added an automatic spacing adjustment of form and answer field type elements. So now, when you’re removing question and description texts, they just snap! together making seamless form creation finally a reality!

editor options
#snap 💥

Additional updates include the ability to set the brightness of your project background and a brand new page navigation.

editor options
Easily swap between pages! 👆

One challenge throughout the whole process has been to take into account the existing projects of current customers and implement the comprehensive UI & UX changes without disturbing the layout of live projects. As the platform remained live through the redesign, we’ve achieved this by not removing existing styling options, but rather reframing them within the UI.

64 All-New Templates

Putting everything together and using the new features ourselves, we’ve also redesigned the old templates and created additional ones for completely new use cases such as Shopping Order Form, About Page and ROI Calculator. All in all we’re releasing a total of 64 professionally designed templates which you can use for free. Assets included! 😎

brandquiz templates
Passing with flying colors! 🏳️‍🌈

We’re just getting started on our way to reimagine customer experience and would love your feedback, requests & suggestions for improvement! 😍 🙌