New Native Integration with HubSpot

Grow & involve better 🌱 joins forces with untouchable inbound giant HubSpot. The two softwares are now tied together by a native integration, making your lead acquisition & segmentation smoother and more efficient - ✨Zap✨ free! Tell us what native integrations you’d like to see next in this quick survey.

HubSpot and are friends now

This integration makes it possible for you to react to user triggered events in real time and talk to your users while they’re engaging - automagically.

Your user preferences from’s surveys or quizzes will be imported into your HubSpot CRM the second they’re submitted. Contact information from your ad forms and lead pages will trigger HubSpot workflows while you’re on your coffee break. Data from your payment pages and calculators will be collected into custom lists and reports, making it easy to follow up with your SQLs and keep the flywheel spinning.’s interactive content combined with HubSpot is all you need in your marketing tool kit. This powerful friendship of lead gen, data collection and smart automation will eradicate your churn before you can say ✨Zap✨. Set up the integration and start converting leads in your sleep like the inbound superhero you were born to be.

How to use’s native integration with HubSpot:

  • Create surveys, quizzes and import the results into your HubSpot CRM the second they are submitted
  • Set up follow up emails for’s forms and lead pages to continue the conversation
  • Collect and analyze data from interactive payment pages and calculators with HubSpot reports
  • Make lists based on your users’ answers and use list membership to trigger personalised workflows
  • Embed any interactive content on your website to start a conversation with your visitorsđ

How integrates with HubSpot

Start a conversation with and continue it with HubSpot 

Embed interactive content on your website and use HubSpot to follow up on the submissions. Turn visitors into customers with early segmentation and automation that feels personal, but reaches top funnel users.

website lead capture embed

Find out your users’ preference and show them content that matches it 

Segment users using an quiz and have the integration import that data into your HubSpot CRM. Send out content that fits each user like it was made just for them. Because it was.

whats your fashion personality quiz

Trigger workflows with your submissions 

If a user picks a product variety, tell them more about it! Use HubSpot to follow up on users engaging with interactive content on your website or social media.

the perfect italiann shirt for you product configurator

Analyze form and lead page submissions from your ads in HubSpot 

Pick a drag & drop design, customize it to fit your brand and see how it performs with your ads in HubSpot ad reports. See what makes customers lean in or drop out.

50 percent off sale lead lead page template

Make lists of users with high purchase intent for your sales team 

Connect your payment page or calculator to HubSpot to qualify leads and monitor their checkout behaviour. Take advantage of’s user tracking to send your sales team nurtured leads.

how to sell your ebook online

How to set up’s native integration with HubSpot:

1. Choose your integration level 

In the integrations tab, pick whether you want to connect your organization or project.

specific settings for a project

❗ If you picked project, don't forget to tick “Use custom integration settings for this project” in the bottom left corner.

custom integration settings

2. Hit “Configure”

Pick HubSpot from the list of’s native integrations and click “Configure”

custom integration settings

3. Grant access to user information

After clicking configure, you will be asked to grant integration permissions. Click “Grant access” to continue.

custom integration settings

After granting access, your account details will show up for the integration and you’re all set!

custom integration settings

Now you’re ready to attract, engage and delight users with the combined powers of your projects and your HubSpot CRM or inbound marketing automation tools. We can't wait to hear how it’s working for you!

If you need more help setting up your HubSpot native integration, this is the place for you to click next.

To sync any custom fields from your projects into HubSpot, read this step by step how to.

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