Guide To's New Native Integration with Keap CRM

Get more business with less work 🤑

Keap users do not have to ✨Zap✨ their submission data into their CRM anymore. has a native integration with this software, along with many others. View the full native integrations list here.

You can set up your Keap CRM integration, including custom fields mapping here. Read about all the details of the integration in our help article.

Are your soul and workload aching for a native integration doesn't have yet? We’re listening! Let us know here. native ingegration with Keap CRM

Keapers can now merge their love for marketing automation and interactive content, seamlessly and automagically syncing their data from one system into another.

Schedule appointments, send quotes, follow up on paid and unpaid invoices while saving even more time having your submissions in sync with your Keap CRM in a set it and forget it way.

What does this mean for your conversion flows and automation triggers? Have a look at how to make the most of this integration and find out.

How to use the native integration with Keap

While takes care of your acquisition and identifying preference based user segments, Keap’s up-to-date marketing automation and sales enablement nurtures and converts your leads.

1. Attract better

Connecting your forms and lead pages to your Keap CRM helps you acquire more leads at no extra cost or time investment. Your new leads will be automatically imported into your Keap CRM with all the corresponding data collected.

2. Engage smarter

The playful nature of interactive content pulls users in and makes data collection a rewarding game. Segmenting your existing userbase with quick surveys or engaging new website visitors with fun quizzes is quick and easy with Pouring all this information into your Keap CRM is automatic.

3. Convert more

As an all in one CRM, sales and marketing automation platform, Keap is here to convert your leads. As an all in one interactive content builder, can aid you in this mission. Identify high value leads with features like Remote ID and cross project participants.

4. Involve all

Invite your teammates into your organization account to keep your shared work organized. You can also invite your clients as viewers only, so they can check on their project. This gives you and your invitees access to view submission data and behaviour analytics of each of your user segment, before they even enter your Keap workflows.

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