Guide To's Native Integration with Pipedrive

How to use this powerkit to grow your business 📈

We love a good ✨Zap✨ as much as the next person, but we love native integrations even more. Say hello to the newest addition to’s native integration family: Pipedrive. and pipedrive native integration

Pipedrive is a CRM SaaS that frees up your day to close more deals by automating and tracking user interactions with synced emails, calendars and calls. Connecting it to imports your leads from your forms, lead pages, quizzes or payment pages into customised pipelines with various degrees of segmentation.

By connecting your Pipedrive account to, you can sync data from stunning designer-made templates straight into your CRM. Takes just 5 minutes to set up, which is about as long as your coffee break or building a lead page with ☕

The unique, viral nature of interactive content makes it the perfect lead magnet for any business model. Smart forms that keep the users engaged and lead pages that go beyond just calling your users by their first name are becoming the new industry standard.’s interactive content helps you generate more leads with the same budget. Pipedrive’s funnel optimization wizardry enables you to then pull those leads through your conversion pipeline.

How it works:

1. Interactive content and user acquisition

Smart lead pages and forms that require no coding skills to make save you time and up your return on ad spend. This allows you to pull more leads through your pipeline at no additional cost.

With this native integration, you can embed interactive experiences into every page of your website to start real conversations and convert more leads into customers.

2. Interactive content and user segmentation 

Using quizzes and surveys fills your CRM with multi-level segmented leads since the beginning of their buyer’s journey. No more wondering what kind of persona your clients are and spamming them with different content until something sticks.

Learn more by asking less and asking it better.’s logic jump develops natural conversations reacting to previous answers in real time, so your feedback surveys don’t feel like grocery shopping check lists.

3. Interactive content and lead to customer conversion 

The more you know about your users, the easier they are to convert.’s reports and analytics help you identify high value leads and study check out behaviour.

Cross Project Participants builds user profiles from’s user submissions history giving you a closer look at each individual customer. Combine this with a high converting pipeline and watch your leads nurture and convert themselves.

But don’t take our word for it - try it for yourself.

Learn how to set up the native integration here.

Is there a software you would love to have a native integration for? We are listening! Let us know what native integrations you’d like to see next here.