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Lead Generation Quiz

Create an interactive quiz that generates and qualifies leads on autopilot. Publish your quiz as a standalone landing page, embeddable widget or pop-up for your website.

  • Segment and find warm leads
  • Collect lead contact data easily
  • Boost product sales
  • Send lead data to your CRM
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Why should you create a lead generation quiz using involve.me?

Engage your audience and gather valuable information from potential leads with a fun and interactive quiz. In involve.me's online no-code builder, we offer all the content elements you need to achieve just that. Use image choice questions, built-in forms, logic jumps, appointment scheduling widgets and much more. It's all simply drag & drop. Collected lead data can effortlessly be sent to your CRMs or marketing automation tools of choice for enhanced automation and lead nurturing.

Our fully customizable quiz templates allow you to create the perfect quiz that accurately represents your company or product.

Start interacting with your audience in an engaging way and collect quality lead data!

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Personality Quiz Maker.

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Why you'll love our online quiz tool

Personality Quiz Maker.

Create a feature-rich lead generation quiz with no technical skills

With involve.me's drag-and-drop builder, you can create quizzes in minutes. Then, you can gate quiz results with an email capture page, allowing you to gather leads effortlessly. These leads can automatically be exported to your CRM using one of our native integrations. All that without a single line of code.

Customize the look & feel to create a branded quiz

Customize your lead generation quiz with ease by changing its design and adding text, images, videos, or animated GIFs. Adjust everything from colors and transparency to corner roundness and line thickness, ensuring a perfect fit with your brand identity. You can also add images of your products and turn a lead generation quiz into a powerful product finder quiz.

Personality Quiz Maker.
share your projects.

Publish your quiz as a stand-alone page or embed it in your website

Maximize your lead generation potential by sharing your quiz through a link or embedding it on your website as a widget or pop-up. Custom trigger events such as exit intent or time delay are available to convert more visitors into leads.

All quizzes are fully responsive and compatible with content management platforms such as WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace.

AI Insights ✨

make sense of your data in no time

Quizzes are among the best ways to generate audience engagement and collect quality data. Over time, as more and more data is collected, analyzing it may become challenging and time consuming. involve.me dashboards include the key performance metrics and a detailed response collection so you can always be informed on how your projects are doing.

In addition, you can take advantage of our AI Insights tool which will generate a detailed report for you based on your data. This report includes a summary of results, conclusions, recommendations and other valuable insights your can present to your team or management

NPS® Survey Maker.

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AI Process Automation

AI-Powered From Start to Finish!

Lead Generation Quiz.


The AI form generator will quickly create a customized project, integrating your branding from your website's URL. In just a few seconds you'll have an on-brand template to work with.


Use AI in your projects to personalize the experience with individualized responses & feedback. Define a prompt and let AI make every interaction unique & relevant. Create custom AI tools.


Use AI Insights to save hours of sifting through data collected from your projects. Generate reports with summaries, key findings & recommendations. Reports are ready in just a few seconds.

Test the product

This embedded online quiz is made with involve.me

Build, design and integrate a lead generation quiz just like this one without a single line of code. Use the quiz to offer product recommendations and segment leads in the process.

Popular Features

customized paths for users. Hyper personalization.
custom layouts and elements.
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  • Map answers to one or more outcomes, with specific weights attached. Create your own formula for scores and display quiz outcomes accordingly at the end. If you wish to sell products or services directly you can link to product pages or tailor product offerings at the end of the quiz based on the answers provided.

  • Ensure that participants get their quiz results only after providing some contact information. Add a contact form in one click and collect all relevant data from those who engaged with your quiz.

  • Send personalized emails instantly to users who interacted with your quiz and use variables to customize everything from name to score and outcome. Set up different emails for each quiz outcome and personalize results.

  • View the unfinished responses of people who start to fill out your forms, answer a few of your questions and leave. Easily identify behavior patterns, find out what makes people click away, gather more data and capture lost leads. Use these insights to improve your quizzes and increase conversion rates.

Powerful Toolbox

All you need for maximizing lead generation

Logic Jumps

Guide users to different pages & questions depending on what they answer.

Hidden Fields

Save data from the URL, pipe values to the text and prefill or hide personal data fields.

Pop-ups & Embeds

Publish projects on your website as embeds or pop-ups with triggers.

Custom Calculations

Easily create formulas with Excel-type functions & conditional logic.

Individual Scoring

Assign positive or negative values to each answer and use them in formulas.

Outcome Logic

Set different end pages and define your custom logic for displaying them.

Custom Fonts

Personalize the look and feel of projects according to your very own corporate identity.

Answer Piping

Personalize follow-up questions using previous participant answers & data.

Participant Emails

Send email confirmations to users who interacted with your content instantly and use variables to customize.

Contact Data Validation

Only accept submissions with valid email addresses and phone numbers.

Submission Limitations

Block repeat submissions. Password-protect projects. Set expiration dates & participant number limits.

B2B Lead Qualification

Block submissions with personal or disposable email addresses.

Internal Email Notifications

Send email notifications with collected data to yourself or your team whenever a visitor submits a form.

AI Generated Text

Let AI create individual text feedback for your users from custom prompts.

Contact Profiles

Use contact profiles to view all collected data for a specific participant.

Scores & Calculations

Assign numerical values to answers & easily create formulas with functions & conditional logic.

Many More Features

Explore all of our features.


Native Integrations

Connect your online quiz to your favorite apps

Connect your lead generation quiz to other tools in your stack, from CRMs and ESPs to productivity tools. Sync quiz data and automate processes in marketing, sales, project management, customer support & more.
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Lead Generation Quiz Templates

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Generation Quiz

Choose among 300+ quiz templates for boosting lead generation, growing your email list and delivering personalized results. Customize everything, from content to design and publish under your exact branding.

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