What involve.me can help you build

  • Product Configurators
  • User Onboarding
  • Price Calculators
  • Sales Funnels
  • Payment Pages

Product Configurators

Product Configurators help your audience put together the perfect product or service for their individual pain points and needs. They increase buyer confidence with personalized conversational recommendations.

Configurating custom products automatically saves you time and shortens the buyer's journey from click to purchase.

User Onboarding

Users who get personalized content from the moment they sign up convert more. However, 88% of customers are not happy with level of personalization they currently receive.

Quiz and survey lead capture elements segment your audience as soon as the contact is created and custom landing pages and Hidden Fields keep your onboarding helpful and informative on an individual level.

Price Calculators

Price calculators allow you to offer custom pricing automatically. Let your website visitors or social media followers put together a custom product or service and get custom pricing instantly.

PayPal, Mollie and Stripe (= credit card) payments can be collected in the same click.

Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels are the full user aqusition, engagement and converstion package. It's all your marketing needs to start converting leads into paying customers efficiently.

Start with a survey where you ask your audience about what they like. Next, hit them with a lead page showcasing their suggested solution. Finally, accept payments with a smart payment page.

Payment Pages

85% of customers turn away at checkout. Knowing why will help you prevent yours doing the same. No-code Payment Pages are smart, hyper-personalized checkout experiences that guide your customer from picking the right product fit all the way to purchase.

Setting up Stripe & PayPal payment collection is literally just drag & dropping the credit card icon into your content.

Simple workflow



Create fully functional drafts that look like the real thing



Preview design, test fuctionality and publish your draft in one click



Make changes visually and instantly to optimze performance


Drag & drop content elements

involve.me's editor lets you create interactive experiences by simply drag & dropping content elements like payment collection, calculators or lead capture. Everything you drag & drop into the editor follows your design presets.
Drag & Drop Editor
Design Settings

Granular design options

Drag & drop gives you the freedom to design any look from scratch or adjust one of the 200+ templates to match your brand. involve.me interactive content adjusts automatically to any screen size, making it 100% mobile ready.

Standalone page with custom URL or widget

Publish your lead page, form, survey, calculator or payment page as a stand-alone page with a customizable URL or embed it in your website as a widget. All in under 10 minutes from design draft to live. Once live, changes apply instantly.
Embed Calculator

Visual Development Editor

Create any look or functionality with an intuitive drag & drop editor. Integrate payments, build calculator formulas or create logic jumps without even touching a line of code. Preview and test your content on multiple devices in one click and publish them just as easily. Once published, your content can be edited live by any team member you invite into your team.

The full version of the editor can be tested for free.
See what you can make.

Automate Processes

Through over 1500 native & Zapier integrations or webhooks

involve.me is integrated with a variety of CRM and email software for automated contact management. Payment integrations like PayPal, Mollie and Stripe allow you to collect two-click, mobile friendly payments. If your favourite software is not on the native integrations list yet, Zapier is just as easy to set up and connect. Pixel, Google Analytics and GTM tracking is also available.


Fast, easy and automatic.

Powerful Features

Create a custom-coded look with advanced functionality the no-code way. involve.me's editor makes calculating custom prices, accepting credit card payments and adding logic jumps as easy as drag & dropping an image into Google Docs. Visual development does not need to sacrifice functionality.
No-Code Widgets
Summary Stats

200+ templates

Create beautiful and functional content by tweaking a template. Choose from over 100 designs. We won't tell if you don't!
Many Customers

Custom URLs

Connect custom domains and simply type in your URL name. Pixel, GA and GTM tracking included.
Data Download

Powerful Logic

Add Logic Jumps to make each interaction feel personal and human. Works great with custom redirects.
Summary Stats


Hidden Fields will call your contacts by their first name and ask them questions unique to them.
Many Customers

Payment Integrations

Set up payment collection with PayPal, Mollie and Stripe in minutes. Simply drag & drop the credit card icon into your form.
Data Download

Detailed Analytics

Iterate and optimize your content based on data analytics that's already organized and visualized for you.

Collect emails and send personalized follow ups

Use participant emails to automatically reach out without writing a single line of code

Send automated, customizable, mobile-friendly emails straight from involve.me into your contacts’ inbox.
Send answer summaries, discount codes or review requests via email set up and designed directly in involve.me.
Add images, attachments and preview your emails on different devices. All without a 3rd party tool. Learn more

Custom Emails to Participants

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