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Personality Quiz Maker

Create multi-step personality quizzes with custom scoring and outcome logic. Collect emails & insights the fun way.

  • Create viral quizzes easily
  • Learn about your audience
  • Identify potential leads
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Why do you need a personality quiz created with involve.me?

Discover the power of involving your audience with involve.me's personality quiz builder. Create intricate quizzes with a simple drag-and-drop interface - no coding required. Leverage advanced features to generate custom results for every participant, delivering a highly-personalized experience. Allow participants to share their personalized results on social media.

Our rich feature set was designed based on feedback from our valued customers, and with a variety of customizable templates at your disposal, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can create your very own branded quiz.

Personality Quiz Maker.

Additional types of personality quizzes you can create in involve.me

Take personality quizzes to the next level!

Tweak your personality quizzes to include forms, products, appointment scheduling and much more. Collect leads and recommend products easily. Integrate your quizzes to your favorite CRM and build powerful automations.

Lead Generation Personality Quiz

Capture emails and gather valuable information about potential customers. Find out those who qualify as potential leads.

Lead Segmentation Personality Quiz

Understand your audience and segment them to create targeted marketing campaigns.

Email Gated Personality Quiz

Share quiz results in exchange for contact details. Build your email list and nurture leads by providing them with personalized recommendations.

Product Recommendation Quiz

Tailor personalized product recommendations based on personality quiz results.

Consultation Booking Quiz

Get your services booked easily by those who need them. Find your audience's needs with a quiz and automate your booking process.

Shoppable Personality Quiz

Encourage customers to make purchases directly in your quiz based on their personality traits and preferences.

Your Benefits

Why you'll love our personality quiz maker tool

Personality Quiz Maker.

Make smart, branded personality tests without prior technical knowledge

Turn boring questionnaires and forms into responsive personality tests that adapt based on answers. Include answer data from previous questions in the next question, skip irrelevant questions, and email the results to participants.

With our intuitive online drag and drop builder, you'll get your very own personality test in just a matter of clicks.

Tweak it all and increase engagement

Easily add text, images, videos, and animated GIFs to your personality test. Customize everything from colors and transparency to rounded corners and line width until everything matches your brand identity perfectly. Our tool makes sure that your quiz will always look great on any device.

Personality Quiz Maker.
share your projects.

Use personality test as a landing page or embed

Once your personality test is live (which only takes 3 clicks, btw), you'll get a link, an embed code, and a QR code so you can promote your quiz in many ways. Embed your personality test on your website, share it on social media or send it via email.

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Popular Features

custom layouts and elements.
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Personality Quiz Maker.
Personality Quiz Maker.
  • Collect participants’ contact information in exchange for quiz results. It’s a great way to build your email list quickly and then nurture segmented leads toward a sale.

  • By tracking partial submission, you can identify potential issues and the drop-off points in your quiz flow. This data will help you change the messaging and improve your test's completion rate.

  • Enhance the user experience with data from involve.me’s analytics. Take a look into user responses and identify patterns between user responses and other factors (e.g., demographics). Optimize your questions, answers, and scoring algorithms.

  • Let your participants share your personality quiz on social media. This way, you can increase the overall engagement and reach even more users. Who would not want to share a well-made personality test with a friend?

  • Once you segment your audience and gain more insights of their needs and wants, you can recommend personalized product offerings to generate an income with your personality quizzes.

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Test the product

This personality quiz is made with involve.me

With involve.me’s easy personality quiz maker you can start your lead generation campaign and keep your regular customers engaged. Build and design your quiz to match your branding and goals, and seamlessly integrate it into your website or marketing funnel to capture valuable customer data.

Learn about your audience

Generate Leads The Fun Way

Replace boring forms with a fun personality quiz. Instead of asking your customers to tell you what they need in a form, guide them to the perfect product or personalized information with a personality quiz.

Engage Your Audience

A personality quiz is the easiest way to get your audience to interact with you. Personality quizzes create a two-way conversation with your audience. They listen and adapt so you can show relevant content and products.

Personalize Content

Email gated personality quizzes ask all the important questions so you can segment your audience and send them product recommendations or relevant information in a more personal way.

Native Integrations

Connect your personality quiz to your favorite apps

Seamlessly connect your personality quiz to a variety of powerful tools, including CRM, ESP, spreadsheets, and other productivity platforms. Explore our extensive list of available integrations that can significantly reduce the burden of manual work on your end.
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Personality Quiz Templates

Get Started: Make Your Personality Quiz

Find the perfect template in our vast template collection. We designed personality quiz templates to give you smart ideas on how you can get the most out of your project. Once you find the template you like, you can fully customize it.

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