How do companies use personality tests?Ask all the questions that help you identify pain points and personas in a personality test.

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Lead Generation Personality Tests

Gamify lead generation on the sly.
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Lead Segmentation Tests

Learn more about your customers.
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Email Gated Personality Tests

Exchange contact info for content.
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Product Recommendation Tests

Match the person with the product.
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Consultation Booking Tests

Book more slots in your calendar.
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Shoppable Personality Tests

Find and sell the perfect product.

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Display Scores

Show either number of correctly answered questions or the overall score. Display total option.
Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes

Add coupon codes from your platform of choice, assign them to lists & display them to your quiz participants.
Multiple Outcomes

Multiple Outcomes

Show different outcome pages based on each person's answers and set up custom redirects or call-to-actions.
Drag & Drop Editor

Make smart, branded personality tests with no technical skills

Turn boring questionares and forms into responsive personality test that adapt based on the answers. Include answers from previous questions in the next question, jump over irrelevant questions or even send the results via email.
personality quiz maker
how to build a personality test
Detailed Design Settings

Customize the look & feel
for more engagement

Easily add text, images, videos, and animated GIFs to your personality test. Tweak everything from colors and transparency to corner roundness and line thickness until it all fits your brand identity perfectly and on every device.
Share It However, Wherever

Use personality tests as landing pages or embed them

Once your personality test is live (which takes only 3 clicks, btw) you will get a link, an embed code and a QR code so you get promote in many ways. Embed your personality test in your website, share on social media or send it via email.
how can i create my own personality quiz

Send personality test results via email. No third party tools needed.

Set up custom emails for each personality type or follow up with relevant content

Send personality test results via email directly from Create different, personalized emails for each personality type. Add images, attachments and preview your emails on different devices. All from one place. Learn more

Custom Emails to Participants

Get Started: Make Your Own Personality TestUsing One Of Our 200+ Templates

What's your fashion personality
What's Your Fashion Personality
What personality type are you
What's Your Emotional Intelligence
90s nostalgia quiz
What's Your Productivity Personality
Test your history know how
Face Mask Shoppable Quiz
What type of reader are you
What Type Of Reader Are You
Love test
What's Your Travel Type
IQ test
What's Your Skin Type
What's your travel type
Are You A Business Starter

Partial Submissions

Use incomplete responses to gain more insight into your users.

In you can view the unfinished responses of people who start to fill out your forms, answer a few of your questions and leave. You can easily identify behavior patterns, find out what makes people click away, gather more data and capture lost leads. Use these insights to improve your projects and conversion rates. Learn more

Partial Submissions

Connect Your Tests To Any Software

Make your personality test talk to your CRM or email software automatically. Update existing contacts with new information, create new contacts and trigger automated emails or newsletters.

Connect your software
how to create your own personality quiz
personality test maker

Perfect Your Tests With Analytics

Detailed and visual analytics help you understand what you're doing right and what needs fixing. Find out where people click away and what makes them stay. Any changes will go live immediately.

Make your first personality test

Let Respondents Share Their Results On Social Media

Get more clicks with intentional and thoughful social media sharing text and images. You can upload your own images for sharing the test but also for sharing each individual result to create a viral traffic loop.

Create viral content
free embeddable quiz maker

Learn about your audience with personality tests

Replace boring forms with fun personality tests. Instead of asking your customers to tell you what they need in a form, guide them to the perfect product or personalized newsletter with a personality test.

Personality tests are the easiest way to get your audience to interact with you. Instead of talking at them, personality test create a two-way comversation with your audience. They listen and adapt so you can show relevant content and products.
Learn what your customers like and dislike the second you get their contact information. Email gated personality tests ask all the important questions so you put your audience into different buckets and recommend products in a more personal way.

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