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Price Quote Calculator
For Websites

Create an interactive way to offer individual price quotes to your potential customers. Build your own Excel-like formulas. Better generate & qualify leads online.

  • Build a custom price calculator
  • Let users configure their offering
  • Send personalized quotes via email
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Why do you need a custom price quote calculator created with involve.me?

With involve.me's price quote calculator, you can offer dynamic pricing, customized to meet the individual needs of each customer. Our interactive price quote calculator will provide your customers with flexibility and smart pricing options.

Use involve.me to automate the price calculation process and send a final price quote to the customer via email. Your custom calculator can serve as a powerful lead magnet and increase the chances of returning visits to your website.

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How to use involve.me price quotes

custom layouts and elements.
  • All price quote calculators can be shared on social media platforms, via email and they can even embedded directly on your website. With our advanced sharing options, you'll be able to present your useful calculator to your audience across all channels in no time.

  • Offer your customers the option to exchange their contact information to receive flexible price quotes. Request their email address before displaying the final custom price. All pricing information can be automatically sent directly from involve.me without any third-party tools. Every email can be personalized with the information you have just collected, and can be customized with your logo and images - all within our tool.

  • Let your customers pay how they prefer. PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay are available payment options along with debit and credit card payments. Recurring payments and subscriptions can also be collected automatically with involve.me.

Your Benefits

Why you'll love our price quote calculator tool

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Create price quotes for every customer automatically

Avoid manual work and back-and-forth communication with potential customers by creating a smart price quote calculator. Ask the right questions to help your customers find the perfect product or service.

Add a price value to each selected answer and calculate the total price using our formula builder. No coding required. You can just drag and drop all content elements to build a complex calculator for your business.

Collect emails to send price quotes immediately

Ask your potential customers for their contact information before you display the final price. Create a value-first lead generation machine for your website and social media channels. Get free leads first, provide value later.

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Follow-up on each customer in a personalized way

Send branded, personalized emails straight after potential customers interacted with your price quote calculator - automatically and immediately. No 3rd party tools or integrations needed.

No credit card required

Test the product

This price quote calculator is made with involve.me

Create your own price quote calculator and use it on your website. You can either send it via email or easily embed it on your website. Grow your email list and segment leads without code.

Fast, easy and automatic.

How price quote calculators work?

Build a custom formula using involve.me's easy-to-use formula builder. Add values to all types of services and products your offer. Calculate a personalized final price offer based on what your prospects select and send it to them automatically.

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Price Quote Templates

Use one of 300+ professionally designed templates to create your own calculator in minutes.

Add Your Branding

Change fonts, colors, images, and text to make a unique price calculator.

Personalize Your Price Quote

Let your customers choose from your products or services and personalize a price quote for them.

Build Custom Formulas

Add your own Excel-like formula to provide relevant pricing estimates.

Accept Online Payments

Your customers can pay for your products or services using PayPal, Stripe, Molly and more.

Analyze Customer Behavior

See your price quote calculator performance and twick it over time for better results.

Native Integrations

Connect your price quote calculator to your favorite apps

Connect your price quote calculator to your favorite tools. Sync calculator data with other apps to have a full picture of your revenue and customer engagement. Use this information to automate processes, optimize your price quote calculator and build a powerful sales funnel.
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Price Quote Calculator Templates

Get started: Make A Price Quote Calculator

involve.me has a library of 300+ templates for you to create your first price quote calculator easily. Grab one of the templates, customize the design and embed it in your website. Try it out to see how fast it is:

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