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The "Product Review Form" template created with is a dynamic and interactive tool that empowers customers to provide detailed feedback on products while offering businesses valuable insights to improve their offerings. 

This template goes beyond basic reviews by incorporating star ratings, open questions, customization, and automated features that enhance the overall customer experience. Here's an overview of its key features and benefits:

Star Rating and Open Questions

Customers can rate products with star ratings, providing a quick visual indicator of their satisfaction. Open questions allow customers to share specific feedback, experiences, and suggestions, offering a more comprehensive review. 

Customization Options

Customize the form's appearance to align with your brand, including colors, fonts, and logo placement. Tailor questions to match the product's features and attributes. 

After customers submit their reviews, they receive an automated thank-you message, expressing appreciation for their feedback. Optionally, share an email with them, confirming their review submission and providing further assistance if needed. 

Integration with Other Tools

Seamlessly integrate the template with other online tools, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, for efficient data collection and customer feedback management. Use the collected data to refine product development and customer support strategies.

Enhanced Customer Support

By allowing customers to share detailed feedback, businesses gain insights that can be used to improve products and enhance customer support. Promptly addressing concerns and acting on suggestions can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Gathering comprehensive feedback and acting on it leads to improved product quality and customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate businesses that value their opinions and take actions to enhance their experience.

How it works

  1. 01 Customize

    Edit every part of the content, add questions & answers, as well as your own logic to make the template fit your use case. Change the design settings and add images, colors and fonts to adjust the look & feel to your corporate identity.

  1. 02 Configure

    Control user access and define domains, set up personal data validation rules, integrate tracking and create custom follow-up emails to participants. gives you a powerful toolbox of project settings.

  1. 03 Connect

    Connect this template over 2000 of your favorite apps, from CRMs and ESPs to marketing automation tools and payment processors. Flexibly map all the data collected with to your other apps and automate processes.

  1. 04 Share

    Publish this template as a landing page with its custom URL or embed it within the content on your own website or app. You can also integrate the template as a pop-up with custom triggers or send an email to invite users to participate.

  1. 05 Analyze

    Our powerful analytics let you drill down the responses and crunch all submission data. View KPI summary & individual responses, analyze the funnel at every step and create custom XLS and CSV data exports for further insights.

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