How to make a coming soon page

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Launching a new product goes a lot better when you have an audience that’s interested in it. Opt-in pages help you build that audience.

How to make an optin page

Whether you’re launching a product or working on a new section of your website, you’ll need an opt-in page. When preparing to launch a product, you should be busy making the product awesome. If you have a full day to invest into making an opt-in page, you’re doing something wrong.

Take the time you would have spent on coding a coming soon page and put it into your product instead. Here’s how to make a boss, high-converting opt-in page in 20 minutes.

What is an opt-in page

An opt-in page is a landing page where your website visitors can sign up for updates, offers or a newsletter. It presents your upcoming or existing product as an obviously awesome solution to your target demographic’s pain points.

Opt-in pages are standard practice for growing email lists and contact bases. You can see them as quick pop ups or landing pages inviting you to download free pdfs, sign up for a webinar or get a discount.

How to make an optin page

A good opt-in page will capture leads interested in your upcoming projects, giving you an audience for your launch. Launching a new campaign is a lot easier if you already have an audience to reach out to.

Getting those early sales is crucial for your product to catch on and a smart opt-in page helps you with that. Generating demand for a product that doesn’t even exist yet is a challenge.

How to make an optin page

Coming soon pages are solid storefronts for your product concepts. They look pretty and gather potential customers while you focus working on your product.

Why do you need an opt-in page

1. Growing your email list

A smart opt-in page that asks questions can collect segmented leads for your automated emails.

Email has the best return on investment out of all marketing channels. Four times higher to be exact. According to an eMarketer study, the median email marketing ROI is 122%.

How to make an optin page

This Neil Patel chart compares email to other channels.

You can keep it simple with one large email list and send a weekly newsletter, or you can take advantage of your leads’ segmentation and set up different emails for different answers.

Identifying user preference early on is striking gold. Literally. Segmented email campaigns can increase revenue by 760%. (Campaign Monitor)

Your emails will become more relevant to each receiver, making them more likely to click and less likely to unsubscribe. As a matter of fact, email campaigns reach 90% of your audience, as opposed to social media where it’s only 2%.

Emailing your users about your new product is much more efficient than posting about it on social media. But you can use social media to collect more email subscribers.

10.000 inbound leads a month content strategy →

2. Converting casual browsers into leads

Subscribing to a newsletter is a low-level commitment. People who are not ready to even consider a purchase might still want to learn from you.

Email lists and regularly updating your audience helps establish your authority in your niche. They help you build trust. People buy stuff from people they trust. Sell your solutions with trust, authority and conviction.

3. Shaping your product early on

Explaining the rough concept of your product and what it can do can spark many conversations. These conversations can shape your product. Listen to what your target demographic has to say.

Here’s how to shape your product with a smart opt-in page?

Step one: Use your opt-in page to ask your persona about their needs and struggles.
Step two: Build a product that solves them.
Step three: Let them know when it’s out.
Step four: Repeat.

“You don't find customers for your products. You find products for your customers.” Seth Godin, 'the ultimate entrepreneur for the information age'

4. Driving more sales

Opt-in pages are the new elevator pitch. You have a slither of attention in the corner of your prospect’s eye - make it count.

Describe your services in a brief, straight forward way. Add a CTA.

Eliminate distractions. Only 16% landing pages have the navigation bar removed. Give people one thing to click.

Think more this:

How to make an optin page

Less this:

How to make an optin page

Combined with an email campaign, a conversion strategy and a product that solves your audience’s problems, your sales will go up.

What is a smart opt-in page

Finding a bad opt-in page is increasingly harder as marketers have access to better tools, education and editable templates that are hard to mess up. What was great in 2016 is a disaster today.

People have higher standards for digital interactions.

High converting opt-in pages have 2 things in common:
1. They ask viewers to do 1 thing and clearly explain why
2. They look stunning

Bad opt-in page practices to avoid

Your opt-in page is competing for increasingly shorter attention spans in the digital space. Communicate your message clearly, boldly and mobile-friendly.

1. Neglecting mobile visitors

61% of all online traffic is mobile. This number will only grow. The sooner you start taking mobile visitors seriously, the less revenue you lose.

Have a look at these mobile friendly drag & drop templates →

33.5% Black Friday revenue last year came from mobile searches. 44.7% of all e-commerce retail in the US comes from mobile purchases. The mobile online shopping forecast for 2021 is 53.9%.

Can your fresh-out-of-the-bus business afford to lose over a half of its potential revenue? Do yourself a favour and make your opt-in page mobile friendly.

2. Slow loading speed

Slow loading speed is a trend we’re leaving in the early 2000s, along with low-rise jeans and shell necklaces. Just stop.

A one second delay in loading speed can reduce your conversions by 7%. Count how much that would be in lost revenue.

There’s countless solutions for slow loading speed so there’s no excuse for your opt-in page to take it’s sweet time.

3. No call to action

Your coming soon page exists for 2 reasons: telling people what you’re selling and giving them an option to get it when it’s out. If you mess up one of those things, your opt-in page won’t get opt-ins.

How to make an optin page

I’m talking to you, Chad. Nobody cares what you like. Your entire online presence needs to be about helping and educating your audience. Ask them what they like.

In this case we don’t know what we’re getting from Chad so let’s just assume he’s selling Javascript online classes while drinking BudLight, which is unironically a 10/10 business concept.

Where do we sign up for this service? Can we contact somebody? Hello?

How to make an optin page

This page does a much better job with the same amount of effort. It tells you they’re hiring cooks. Where? In Florence. How can you apply? Click the big red “Apply now” button. Let’s have a look at how to make it.

How to make a smart optin page

Making a quick coming soon page is as easy as drag & drop. Frankly, if you absolutely have to code anything these days, you’re better off making a #nocode solution and selling that.

1. In your account, go to “Templates” and pick “Lead Pages”

How to make an optin page

2. Pick a template design that works with what you’re aiming for

All lead page templates are optimized to maximize conversions. They do not have a navigation bar to distract your visitors, they come with buttons you can customize and test as well as HD images that load fast.

3. Customize the template to match your brand perfectly

How to make an optin page

Any template can be customized. You can change the fonts, colours, sizes, background, layout… You can also add new elements and delete the ones you don’t need.

4. Drag and drop all the elements you need

Contact details and date picker are the most commonly used elements in lead pages.

5. Publish your page

By clicking publish, your page will go live and you can start showing it to your audience. Don’t forget to add Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tracking to retarget your page visitors later and see how they behave.

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