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With the Guest Writer Article Submission Form Template, publishers can effectively manage guest contributions, streamline the editorial process, and maintain a high standard of content quality on their online news platform. 

Its customizable features, categorization options, and seamless integration make it an invaluable tool for publishers looking to engage guest writers and enrich their publication with diverse voices and perspectives.

Here's why this template stands out:

Simplified Submission Process

With a user-friendly and intuitive form, guest writers can easily submit their articles for consideration with minimal effort. This simplifies the submission process and encourages more writers to contribute to the platform.

Categorization Options

The form allows publishers to categorize submissions based on predetermined parameters such as topic, genre, or target audience. This categorization ensures that submitted articles are organized and easy to review, streamlining the editorial process for publishers.

Customizable Fields

Publishers have the flexibility to customize the form fields to collect specific information from guest writers, such as article title, author bio, publication rights, and more. This customization allows publishers to gather relevant details and streamline the article review process.

Integration Possibilities

The Guest Writer Article Submission Form can be integrated into the publisher's website, allowing for easy access and visibility for potential contributors. Publishers can also share the form as a link or embed it into various pages of their website to attract guest writers.

Streamlined Review Process

By categorizing submissions and collecting relevant information upfront, publishers can streamline the review process and efficiently evaluate articles for publication. This saves time and resources while ensuring that only high-quality content is selected for publication.

Collaboration Opportunities

The Guest Writer Article Submission Form facilitates collaboration between publishers and guest writers, fostering a sense of community and mutual support within the online news platform. This collaboration can lead to a diverse range of perspectives and enrich the content offerings for readers.

How it works

  1. 01 Customize

    Edit every part of the content, add questions & answers, as well as your own logic to make the template fit your use case. Change the design settings and add images, colors and fonts to adjust the look & feel to your corporate identity.

  1. 02 Configure

    Control user access and define domains, set up personal data validation rules, integrate tracking and create custom follow-up emails to participants. gives you a powerful toolbox of project settings.

  1. 03 Connect

    Connect this template over 2000 of your favorite apps, from CRMs and ESPs to marketing automation tools and payment processors. Flexibly map all the data collected with to your other apps and automate processes.

  1. 04 Share

    Publish this template as a landing page with its custom URL or embed it within the content on your own website or app. You can also integrate the template as a pop-up with custom triggers or send an email to invite users to participate.

  1. 05 Analyze

    Our powerful analytics let you drill down the responses and crunch all submission data. View KPI summary & individual responses, analyze the funnel at every step and create custom XLS and CSV data exports for further insights.

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