New feature: Build User Profiles

Sell on a more personal level 👋👨‍💼’s new feature brings additional insight into your most involved users’ behaviour, demographics and preferences. Now you can not only collect information on your users as a group, but build individual user profiles for a more holistic and personal sales approach.

Remote ID and Cross Project Participants

How many pieces of your interactive content has your average user seen? Now there’s a way to find out and use this data to convert your most engaged users into customers.

Cross Project Participants, launched earlier this month, allows you to identify users that created submissions across multiple projects. Not only does this help you identify your most engaged users, but it also allows you to segment your users on multiple levels, across multiple projects.

Here's how it works

Cross Project Participants allows you to search by user email or remote ID and browse all submissions across available projects. Remote ID can track submissions for existing contacts in your database without asking them for their email again. Have a look on how to set it up for your projects and get more user data with less clicks.

To find Cross Project Participants for your projects, go to Analytics and click the "Cross Project Participants" button. You can then search for participants by their email or remote ID. To view all cross project submissions for a specific user, click “Browse” for a selected participant.

Use Cases

1. Custom-Fit Sales Pitch 

Your client is pushing the limit of their yearly plan ending this month. How do you make them repurchase & upgrade? According to a recent study, only 18% of sales reps can close the deal. Why?

People don’t trust sales reps, because they don’t believe they have the customer’s best interest in mind. 44% of study participants believe salespeople are only serving their own agenda. On top of that, 25% said salespeople only care about making the sale.

Cross Project Participants allows you to present yourself to your high value leads as more of a trusted advisor and less of a salesperson serving their own interest. Search your projects by user email or remote ID and browse all their submissions across available projects. Learn about your customer’s interest, read their suggestions and feedback and then make your pitch.

Create a custom-fit sales pitch pulling all available information from the user’s submission history - all in one place with the Cross Project Participants feature.

2. Handpick the perfect customer 

Looking for digital nomad and van life women in South East Asia to promote your female solo travel content to? If you have this information scattered across multiple forms, lead pages and quizzes, Cross Project Participants allows you to access this data.

Search your user submissions by contact details or remote ID and find the perfect fit for your outreach campaign - the more specific, the better! The broad “send everything to everyone” approach is the socks in sandals of marketing 🧦❌ - we have all agreed it's bad practice, so how are some people still doing it?

Cross Project Participants helps you handpick the perfect customer. Identify high value leads and give them the attention they deserve.

Through the magic of ✨Zaps✨ or any of’s native integrations you can also set up follow up nurture flows for your most valuable leads, creating customer relationships that feel personal.

3. Funnel Diversification 

Let’s say you ran an acquisition campaign followed by a survey for the new sign ups. Now you can see users who engaged with both and use that data to create custom conversion paths based on their behaviour and preferences.

Your acquisition campaign was a giveaway quizzing participants about their real estate knowledge and collecting basic contact information at the end. You then ran a survey for users who registered asking them a bit more about their real estate business.

It would make sense to build a more research-heavy funnel for users who have expert knowledge on real estate and run large businesses. On the other hand, users who are just starting to find their way around real estate would find more value in educational content like ultimate guides, starter kits and 101s. Now you can easily identify and set up funnels for both groups.

The Cross Project Participants feature including remote ID is available on Professional plans and above. Get yours here.

Is your business loving the Cross Project Participants feature? Let us know how it works for you and we might feature you!