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Custom Coupon Codes

How to exchange coupons for leads

Introducing coupons: the fastest way to turn visitors into customers. Upload a list of coupon codes into your account and display them in anything you make. Show unique codes to each visitor, have the same code for everyone but limit how many times it’s used or raffle a coupon winner at random.

Let’s see how to set it up ↓

If you’re selling anything online and you’re not using coupons, you’re missing out. According to a consumer survey in 2020, online shoppers spend 24% more than regular shoppers. Especially when using coupons that can only be used starting from a given purchase value.

74% of shoppers surveyed also said that they specially followed brands on social media to not miss any deals and coupons. So coupons can also increase your social media followers and turn them into customers just as easily.

E-commerce brands use coupons for:

  • 1. Getting more sales from emails
  • 2. Getting more sales from social media
  • 3. Increasing purchase value in their online store
  • 4. Increasing customer loyalty and get returning shoppers
  • With easy-to-use coupon distribution tools like, your online store can implement coupons into your sales strategy today. Let’s see how it works. coupon templates comes with 200+ editable templates all of which you can use to promote coupons. You can use the templates as design or functionality guidelines and change anything to fit your brand or publish them as they are.

    To add a coupon to anything made in, simply drag & drop this element onto your canvas. It will insert a click-to-copy code into your surveys, forms or landing pages.

    New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes

    You can upload coupon codes that work for everyone (like BLACKFRIDAY2021) or lists of unique coupon codes for each shopper (like VXM0Q79) and the element will display them accordingly.

    If you already have an account with, you can set up your coupons here. If you don’t, let me show you what you get if you make one for free.

    Coupon codes in exchange for contact information templates

    New Feature: Custom Coupon CodesGet this template

    This category of coupon templates is very straight forward - your social media followers and website visitors get coupons in exchange of their contact details. You can gamify this by making it a quiz and only giving coupons to people who get the questions right.

    Or you can get some useful customer insights by asking a few questions before displaying the coupon code. Speaking of which:

    Coupon codes in exchange for feedback templates

    New Feature: Custom Coupon CodesGet this template

    Customer feedback is invaluable when it comes to improving your business and discount coupons are the easiest way to get it. Coupons provide an incentive for your customers to leave feedback and give people a reason to buy from you again.

    Coupon codes as an alternative to cancelling templates

    New Feature: Custom Coupon CodesGet this template

    According to a recent survey, the average person spends $273 per month on subscription services. Periodically going through all your subscriptions and cancelling a bunch is the closest some people get to mental hygiene.

    To make it less likely that your subscription gets cancelled, offer cancellation alternatives like pausing or discounting the subscription. That’s exactly what these templates are for.

    How to create coupon codes for your online store

    Creating a coupon code can be as simple as typing “AWESOME20” or as fancy as using a coupon generator. It depends on what kind of coupon you need. Here are some common coupon types:

    Same coupon for everyone

    All you need to create these coupons is think of a word that’s easy to type in and maybe even somewhat relevant to your sale.

    These are perfect for:

  • ✓ Side-wide sales. Use code SPRING25 to get 25% off selected items
  • ✓ Seasonal deals. Use code BF2021 to get 30% off orders over $200
  • ✓ Shopper behaviours. We miss you, {FirstName}! Get 15% off your next order with code COMEBACK.
  • You can use these in in 5 simple steps:

  • 1. Click on the Coupons tab
  • New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes
  • 2. Click “Create new list”
  • 3. Under coupon type, select “Single - One Coupon Type For All Users”
  • New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes
  • 4. Type in your coupon code
  • 5. If applicable, select a limit of hamy times this coupon can be redeemed
  • Unique coupons for each shopper

    These are for individual customers and won’t work if shared with someone else. Maybe they completed a survey and get a coupon code as a reward or maybe they tried to cancel their subscription and need a discount to stay on board.

    Each unique coupon code is different and can only be used once. That’s why these coupons are usually created via a coupon generator like Voucherify. You’ll get coupons looking something like this:

    New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes

    You can copy-paste these into a coupon list in in 5 simple steps.

  • 1. Click on the “Coupons” tab
  • New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes
  • 2. Click “Create new list”
  • 3. Under coupon type, select “Multiple - Unique Coupon Code For Each User”
  • New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes
  • 4. Copy-paste your coupon codes in
  • Once your coupon list is ready, you can insert your coupons into any template or anything you made from scratch. Simply drag & drop this icon into your canvas.

    New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes

    If you have trouble finding the icon, it’s here in the bottom right corner:

    New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes