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We built Subscription Payments to help side-hustlers and entrepreneurs set up a recurring payment collection system in one day. No additional transaction fees, no technical limitations. Just connect your Stripe account to and you’re all set.

Collect recurring payments

Half of US businesses have either adopted or are planning to adopt recurring revenue models. Who wouldn’t want stable, predictable and scalable revenue in 2020?

Subscription business models are the new end game for entrepreneurs as well as corporate giants. Getting multiple payments from each client essentially clones each purchase, without much additional effort.

Monthly recurring revenue is a sure way for businesses to maintain financial stability while continuing to grow. Some undeniable perks of MRR include:

  • 1. Higher customer lifetime value
  • 2. Predictability
  • 3. Scalability
  • makes collecting recurring payments fast and easy to set up, so you can focus on other aspects of your business while the payments are collected automatically every month.

    Here’s what kind of recurring payments people typically collect:

    Collect recurring payments from your paid newsletter subscribers

    The digital space offers increasingly more options for writers to make a living. Paid newsletters are one the fresher additions.

    The concept is simple: if you write stuff worth reading, charge for it. Even for $5/month you’ll make $1000 with only 200 subscribers. And your workload doesn’t increase at all as your revenue grows.

    Subscription payment platforms like take care of the technical stuff, while you focus on you do best: writing great newsletters.

    Recurring payment templates

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    Collect recurring payments from premium online communities

    No matter how small your niche is, there’s plenty of groups and communities of like-minded professionals you can join. The biggest the niche, the more groups you’ll have to keep up with.

    Slack, a powerful team collaboration and communication tool, just so happens to be great at running and growing monetized communities. There’s everything from sales & marketing, lifestyle and healthy living to entrepreneurship and digital nomads.

    Professionals of all niches are tired getting of free spammy groups so the demand for premium content and pro tips is growing. Right now might the best time to start a paid membership digital community.

    Recurring payment templates

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    Collect recurring payments from subscription boxes

    The subscription economy has grown by 350% in the last 8 years. New, as well as established businesses, are shifting their focus to selling subscription boxes instead of individual one-time purchase products.

    The benefits are obvious: why use your ad spend, time and positioning to sell one $20 product if you can sell twelve $15 products instead. This way businesses end up creating more sales at no extra effort.

    If you’re in e-commerce, subscription boxes might be your next big move. Grab the template below, add your products, connect your subscription plans and see what happens.

    Recurring payment templates

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    Collect recurring payments from online courses

    If you have anything helpful to say in your field, people are going to listen. You know the struggles, you know the daily grind and you can distinguish the good advice from generic rubbish.

    This is the starting ground for anyone selling online courses. An online course is the perfect product for building passive income. With a growing variety of online course options, many professionals are adding online courses to their side-hustle portfolios. helps you get viewers for your online course, upsell them and keep them updated. Create sales straight in your lead page that takes 5 minutes to make. Grab the template below to see how it works.

    Recurring payment templates

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    Collect recurring payments from digital goods and services

    Creating digital content is a notoriously underrated art form. In a world of “free” digital content like articles, designs and online courses on YouTube, people expect digital assets to cost $5.

    Finding a good client match is as rare and beautiful as a fairy princess riding a tiny unicorn. Once this myth becomes reality, you’ll do anything to keep that client around. That’s when a subscription model comes in handy.

    Establishing a monthly delivery quota and automatically charging your client’s credit card is a game-changer. helps you set everything up.

    Recurring payment templates

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    How to collect recurring payments in

    All you need to do to set up collecting recurring payments in is connecting your Stripe account.

    To do so, head over to Payment Account Integrations here.

    Integration with Stripe

    After clicking “Connect Account” and selecting Stripe, you’ll be redirected to Stripe where you can enter your account details like your tax ID, your IBAN and your business registration details.

    Once that’s done, all subscription plans you’ve created in Stripe will show up as selectable plan options in You can also create new plans and they’ll show up in as soon as they’re done in Stripe.

    If you need help creating payment plans in Stripe, check out this 5 minute tutorial.

    Now that your Stripe is connected, let’s put it to use and show you how to collect some payments!

    If you’ve already made a payment page in, great. Go ahead and switch the payment type from “One-time payments” to “Subscriptions & Recurring payments” and pick your Stripe plan and tax rate.

    If you haven’t made an payment page yes, let’s make one together real quick.

    How to make an payment page

    Grab one of these payment page templates or drag & drop the payment content element into anything made in

    Click the payment content element inserted in your page. You’ll see payment editing options show up on the right side banner.

    Collect recurring payments

    You turn on recurring payments by selecting “Subscriptions & Recurring payments” under Payment Model.

    Under Payment Account is where to select your connected Stripe account.

    The Pricing section lets you select the product, the plan and the tax rate. If you need to adjust any of them or create new ones click the link under each option. It will take you to your Stripe dashboard where you can make your changes.

    If you make any changes in Stripe and return to, don’t forget to refresh the editor to see the options you’ve added.

    All that’s left to do is publishing your project. Once you’re payment page is live, you’re ready to start collecting recurring payments.