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With the Referral Form created with, energy companies can not only collect contact information but also incentivize referrals, gather valuable data, and nurture customer relationships effectively. Experience the power of referral marketing and data-driven insights to drive business growth. Here’s how this template works:

Referral incentives

Encourage users to refer friends by offering a 15% discount for every successful referral. By incentivizing referrals, energy companies can leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing to attract new customers and drive sales. 


In addition to collecting contact information, customize the form to ask additional questions to learn more about your audience. Whether it's gathering demographic information, understanding preferences, or capturing feedback, tailor the form to gather valuable insights that inform your marketing strategies.

Upon completion of the form, redirect users to a thank you page to express appreciation for their participation. Customize the thank you page with a personalized message, additional offers, or next steps to further engage users and enhance their experience.

Automated coupon generation

Upon form submission, automatically send out an email with a unique coupon code to thank users for their participation and referrals. With's capabilities, you can even generate the coupon code directly within the platform, streamlining the process and enhancing user experience.

Available integrations

Integrate the Referral Form with your CRM system and other marketing tools to centralize data collection and streamline lead management. With’s native integrations, it’s possible to transfer lead data and referral information to your CRM for easy follow-up and tracking.


Gain actionable insights into referral performance, user engagement, and data trends with comprehensive reporting features. Track referral conversions, analyze user demographics, and identify opportunities for optimization to maximize the impact of your referral program. With your team can analyze and summarize all form responses with one click thanks to AI Insights feature. 

How it works

  1. 01 Customize

    Edit every part of the content, add questions & answers, as well as your own logic to make the template fit your use case. Change the design settings and add images, colors and fonts to adjust the look & feel to your corporate identity.

  1. 02 Configure

    Control user access and define domains, set up personal data validation rules, integrate tracking and create custom follow-up emails to participants. gives you a powerful toolbox of project settings.

  1. 03 Connect

    Connect this template over 2000 of your favorite apps, from CRMs and ESPs to marketing automation tools and payment processors. Flexibly map all the data collected with to your other apps and automate processes.

  1. 04 Share

    Publish this template as a landing page with its custom URL or embed it within the content on your own website or app. You can also integrate the template as a pop-up with custom triggers or send an email to invite users to participate.

  1. 05 Analyze

    Our powerful analytics let you drill down the responses and crunch all submission data. View KPI summary & individual responses, analyze the funnel at every step and create custom XLS and CSV data exports for further insights.

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