How to Make a Personality Quiz For Your TikTok bio

Learn how to make a creative and a fitting personality quiz for your TikTok bio

The latest in the long list of TikTok trends is the personality quiz. A great online personality quiz can act as an icebreaker and help you start conversations. If you build it right, people will participate in it and share it with their friends. Make the quiz fun and entertaining to get more people to answer it. Here's how you can make your personality quiz for your TikTok bio.

How to Make a Personality Quiz For Your TikTok bio

What is a personality quiz?

A personality quiz is a series of questions used to expose your personality traits and behaviours. While we generally speak a lot about personality on an informal basis, personality quizzes do the same but much more systematically.

Historically, the first personality quizzes were developed in the 1920s for personnel selection in the armed forces. Since then, several different types of personality quizzes have popped up. Currently, the most popular personality quiz is called the Myers-Briggs personality quiz. A lot of other informal quizzes exist as well. They're quite popular in online spaces, and many people take the quiz just for fun.

Personality quizzes can be self-reported or projective tests. Self-reported quizzes are based on concise questions which need to be answered. In projective tests, the taker is presented with a vague object or scene and asked their interpretation.

Personality quizzes are not only used for fun but also have some serious uses. They are used to assess theories, evaluate therapy effectiveness, or diagnose psychological problems. Some of their practical applications include screening candidates for jobs.

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Why do you need a personality quiz for your TikTok?

The personality quiz is the latest in the long line of TikTok trends. Since it's the new fad, everyone is doing it. Other than being the latest trends, it also helps that it's very fun, engaging and actually useful for growing your social media followers or businesses. Personality quizzes present the quiz taker with unique situations, and many people like contemplating the imaginary situations presented to them.

By having a personality quiz on TikTok, you'll join thousands of other users who share the same interest. This will allow you to meet new people and know them better. Personality quizzes also act as great conversation starters, so you'll have no problems breaking the ice when meeting someone new.

And finally, quiz-takers on your profile will share the quiz with their friends and followers. The more interesting your quiz is, the greater the chances of being shared. This can bring more new people to your profile and help you increase your followers. So be sure to make a quiz that people would love to share.

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How to make a personality quiz for TikTok?

The basics of quiz making will always remain the same. Keep it short, simple, and something that people would like to interact with. You can also do your best to make it pretty, which won't be hard on the eyes. To make a quiz for your TikTok bio, you can use an online service that provides you with ready-made templates to make quizzes. Here's exactly how you can do it.

Select a template


Now comes the fun part of the quiz, the questions. Make fun and engaging questions for your personality quiz and input them into your template. You can make different types of quiz formats. A multiple-choice question is the most engaging one though you can also choose other types.

Enter quiz results


After entering the questions, you must enter the results to match them. Here you can either make a result page or redirect the users to another page to see the result. You can even send the results through an email. To design the result page, click the result page, change the text and add elements as you wish. Also, remember to add the option to share so that quiz takers can share their results with their friends.

Connect the answers with the results


You need to have your answer connected with an outcome to display the quiz result. You can connect an answer with a single outcome or multiple ones. Click your answers and map them to an outcome. If you think that an answer should have more weight than others, you can even use weighted outcomes. This means each answer will have a different score. This will help make your quiz more accurate and less prone to errors.

Set up email capture


You can also send the result of the quiz through email. Ask the quiz takers for their email and send the quiz results there. You can set up an automated email response to automatically send results to the quiz takers.

Set up different emails for different results

Email notifications

If you decide to show your users their results through an email, customise the email you send for different results. Users often take the same test multiple times to check out all the results in a quiz, and sending the same automated response can feel stale and put people off. To avoid this, style your email differently for each outcome. Add gifs, links, and attachments to make it more personalised.

Customise your social media sharing option

Social sharing

When you are done with this, scroll down and come to the social media sharing. In this section, you can customise your quiz to show certain text and images when shared on social media. Make it bright and colourful to drive more traffic to your quiz and make it engaging. You can also enter your profile link in the text section to be shown every time your quiz is shared.

Publish your quiz

When you are done setting up your quiz, hit the publish button. Your quiz will now be live, and you will get a link, QR code, a short link, and an embed code to share your quiz. Put any of these on your TikTok bio so that people can start taking the personality quiz.

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Why is a personality quiz good for your TikTok bio?

Personality quizzes are a great way to connect with your friends and followers. When you put a personality quiz on your TikTok bio, you will engage with the quiz taker, but they will also engage with you. The way the quiz is framed and made will also give them a glimpse into your personality even as they determine their own.

They’re also a great way to interact with your current followers. And who knows, maybe your quiz will blow up and become viral, bringing in a lot of new followers. So go ahead and make a personality quiz to put on your TikTok bio and join the trend.