How to Make a Quiz Marketing Funnel

Quizzes have a 96% completion rate which makes them a powerful funnel tool

Every successful online business has a marketing funnel of some sort in place. The funnel provides a roadmap of how the business walks prospects from the awareness and interest stage through to becoming paying customers. Some will even go as far as turning loyal customers into brand ambassadors.

How to Create a Quiz Marketing Funnel

Quiz funnels generally have the same goal as standard marketing funnels except for a few exciting twists.

In traditional funnels, marketers can track user activities to assume what the users want. For example, you landed on this blog post about quiz marketing funnels. We can, therefore, assume that you are interested in quizzes and marketing funnels and put you in that segment.

But that’s the thing; we assume what you’re interested in. The bottom line remains that we don't know that for sure. A quiz would allow us to know what exactly you’re interested in because we’ll ask you the question. That essentially gets rid of guesswork in the segmentation process.

How to Create a Quiz Marketing Funnel

Quizzes are also more fun than other marketing funnels, primarily when used as a lead magnet. Compared to a traditional signup form, quizzes can help you capture more leads since they make the signup process more enjoyable. Plus, they allow leads to learn more about themselves.

This quiz, for example, offers prospects an opportunity to know what mattress is the best for them. But, they have to submit their email addresses to get the results.

How to Create a Quiz Marketing Funnel

So let’s see how you can create an effective quiz funnel for your business.

1. Identify your audience

Your quizzes can only perform well if they’re relevant to your target audience. Therefore, the first step to developing a highly converting quiz marketing funnel is knowing your audience and what makes them tick.

To understand your audience, you have to do extensive research. Start by looking at the data in your CRM. Who are your typical customers? What can you tell about their age, gender, and affinities? Google analytics and search console can also help. Check out your customers’ location, traffic sources, devices from which they access your website, etc.

Another place to find data on your customers is from feedback and reviews. Analyze customer feedback to gain some insights into your audience. You can even use social listening tools to understand your audience and what they are saying about your products.

You can also interview your customers directly. Publish a survey on your website or distribute it through email and on social media. Include all the critical questions that can give you a clearer picture of who your customers are, their needs, interests, and so on.

Once you acquire this data, visualize it through a customer persona. That will make it easier for you to picture what your ideal customer looks like. You can then reference the persona when creating your quiz.

How to Create a Quiz Marketing Funnel

Keep in mind that you don’t have to put all the data in one buyer persona. If you have different types of audiences, create a persona for each one of them.

2. Decide where you want to use the quiz

The beauty of quiz funnels is you can use them at different parts of the customer journey. Plus, you don’t have to use just one quiz. You can create multiple quizzes for the different parts of the customer journey.

For example, you can use an online quiz for lead acquisition. The quiz acts as a lead magnet helping you to build your email list. These quizzes need to be super engaging, and there has to be something in them for your respondents.

For example, this quiz offers potential customers the opportunity to understand themselves by answering a few questions. They’ve made that clear right from the title of the quiz.

How to Create a Quiz Marketing Funnel

You can also use quizzes to segment your email list. If you’re building your email list from scratch, you can use the lead acquisition quizzes for this purpose. Just include a question or statement or two that will help you understand what your prospects are interested in.

Check out this example:

How to Create a Quiz Marketing Funnel

If you already have an email list, create a separate quiz for segmentation and distribute it to your subscribers.

You can also use quizzes to recommend specific products to a warm lead. These quizzes are used towards the end of the customer journey, where prospects are ready to buy.

Here’s one example of that quiz:

How to Create a Quiz Marketing Funnel

Once prospects complete the quiz, the system recommends several sunglasses based on the quiz answers.

3. Choose a relevant topic

Identifying the relevant topic for your quiz should be easy once you know your target audience and where you want to use the quiz.

For example, you can look at the needs or goals of your potential customers from the buyer persona. Then, create a quiz around a topic to help the customer identify the right product for their needs or goals.

Here’s an example of a product discovery quiz:

How to Create a Quiz Marketing Funnel

Knowing the ultimate goal of your quiz also makes it easier to find the right topic.

For instance, if the goal is to segment your audience, you can ask questions that make leads choose between the different products or services your business offers.

The respondents will be placed in separate clusters or segments depending on their answers. Each cluster is then put through different email drips customized to match the lead’s interests, needs, or other characteristics.

On the other hand, if the goal is to capture the lead’s email address, you must identify an exciting topic. One that will pique your prospect’s curiosity all while giving you the insights you need to understand your potential customer even more. The Beardbrand quiz highlighted above is an excellent example of this.

4. Create the quiz

Now, it’s time to create the quiz itself. You should know that the best-performing quizzes are usually short. Although more questions help you understand your potential customers even better, long quizzes can quickly turn off the respondent. That will affect the completion rate meaning fewer respondents will provide their email addresses and enter your sales funnel.

To avoid that, keep your quizzes short with between five to 15 questions maximum. That’s especially critical if you use your quiz on a cold audience at the top of the funnel.

Next, avoid using buzzwords in your quizzes. Use conversational and straightforward language to keep your target customers engaged. Check out the tone of this quiz.

How to Create a Quiz Marketing Funnel
Feel free to add a touch of humor to some of the quiz questions.

Using multiple-choice questions can make your quiz more engaging, too. Moreover, it makes it easier to aggregate the data and place respondents in relevant segments automatically.

You should also do what Nutrafol does with their quiz; display a progress bar to show users how close they are to finishing the quiz.

There are a lot of quiz templates that make creating quizzes a seamless experience. They show you how to combine different visuals, font, and question formats to create an interactive quiz.

For example, the template below requests the respondent’s first name at the beginning. It then personalizes the quizzes mentioning the respondent’s name at several points in the quiz.

How to Create a Quiz Marketing Funnel

These templates are also optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Therefore, they’re usually ready to launch as soon as you are done inputting your data.

5. Review the results and modify

Once you publish the quiz, monitor its performance looking out for any items that could use improvements. Fortunately, quiz funnel software provides extensive analytics showing how your quiz is performing.

Most lead quiz builders will also let you export the data as a CSV. You can distribute this data to your sales and marketing team for strategy development.

Like most other marketing elements, quizzes require regular A/B testing—test different versions of your quizzes to identify the best performing variant. You can then focus on that variant to ensure your quiz marketing funnel is working optimally.

In Closing

Building an effective quiz marketing funnel is not that hard when you know what to do. First, understand your target audience. That helps you create a relevant quiz.

Second, determine where you want to use the quiz in your funnel. For example, do you want to use the quiz to acquire leads, segment your audience, or recommend products?

Use the insights from the two points above to find a relevant topic for your quiz. From there, get practical and create the quiz itself.

Finally, launch your quiz and monitor its performance. Identify any friction points in the funnel and smoothen them out. You can also experiment with different versions of the quiz.

That’s it! So, why don’t you breathe some life into your marketing funnel with a quiz?

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