Good reviews bring in sales

61% of people don't buy from companies rated below 4 stars.

Why you need a review funnel

Why do your competitors have way more reviews than you? Definitely not because their customers love them more, or just happen to be extremely vocal and public about their praise.

Review funnels are an automated way to get reviews. They ask your whole customer base questions to determine how much they like you, filter out your biggest fans and invite them to leave a review on a platform of your choice.

Identify customers who love your business and ask them for a review - automagically.

⭐ Popular Features

Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes

Add coupon codes from your platform of choice, assign them to lists & display them to your customers.
Multiple Outcomes

Multiple Outcomes

Show different outcome pages based on each person's answers and set up custom redirects or call-to-actions.

Drag & drop your review funnel

Pick from a gallery of 200+ templates to create a perfect brand interaction. Both look and function can be fully customized to your liking.
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Pay online with PayPal, Mollie or Stripe

Filter out the happiest customers

Customers rate you on a private, internal platform first and only the happiest ones are preselected to leave a review on a public platform you care about.

Get 5 star reviews on autopilot keeps negative feedback for your eyes only, while praise and compliments go public. Fully automated, set it and forget it, 5 star reviews will appear on any platform.
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How to make a review funnelInstant, effortless setup with no technical skills


Step 1

Pick A Template

Ask important questions beautifully and briefly

Find the perfect product for each customer

Step 2

Filter Responses

Set up paths for happy and unhappy customers

Make a dedicated high conversion product page

Step 3

Incentivize Reviews

Offer discounts, distribute coupons

Create a personalized check out experience

Create a review funnel in minutes

Generate 5 star reviews while you sleep is a drag & drop editor where you can create beautiful customer review funnels that match your brand. Even if you're not a developer or particularly technically skilled, you can create any look or function in minutes. Simply drag & drop your questions in and set up paths respondents take based on their answers. Your dynamic, personalized funnel will be live in minutes.

Embed It Or Use As Web Page

Put your review funnel wherever you like, however you like. embeds are easy to customize and can integrate seamlessly into your website. Your funnels will also stand alone as web pages that you can link in your emails.

Check out the templates
reviews on Capterra, Trust Pilot and G2Crowd
email feedback survey

Autofill Personal Data

Don't ask for the same information twice. can match each funnel with with a contact in your email list. Let your customers know you care by personalizing every funnel with information about their purchases, their name or company.

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Automated Emails

Sum up answers, send personalized messages and special offers - all with a quick email designed and sent from Add images, gifs, attachments and preview your emails on different devices. All without a 3rd party tool.

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get more online reviews for business
how to get more online reviews

Visual Feedback Analytics

Find out where most customers think you can improve through charts and data visualizations. See percentage breakdowns of each answer along with demographic data and devices used. And of course you can export all of that.

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You'll loose 61% of potential customers if your online reviews are below 4 stars.

Take control of your reputation. Get more sales.

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How Review Funnels Work empowers you to design beautiful and smart customer review funnels that adjust to what your customers are saying in real-time. The features listed below help you achieve that.
what's a review funnel
Summary Stats

200+ templates

You don't have to be a designer or a web developer.
Many Customers

Add your branding

Customize your funnel with your logo and company colours.
Data Download


Call customers by their name & include their order details.
Summary Stats

Feedback Sorting

Show happy and unhappy customers different content.
Many Customers

Email Discount Codes

Send customers discounts based on their feedback.
Data Download

Feedback Analytics

Identify what you're doing right and wrong.

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