What quizzes can you create in involve.me?

  • Lead Generation Quiz
  • Shoppable Quiz
  • Classroom Quiz
  • Employee Assessmemt
  • Marketing Agency Quiz
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Lead Generation Quizzes

A lead generation quiz provides your audience with a fun interaction while gaining valuable information from your potential lead.

At involve.me, we provide everything you need to do just that.
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Shoppable Quizzes

Shoppable quizzes create a personalized buying experience for each customer, matching them with the perfect product for their needs and budget.

involve.me's flexible pricing allows charging each customer individually on a one-time or recurring basis via PayPal or Stripe.
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Classroom Quizzes

An easy way to boost memory retention, encourage participation, and create a fun learning experience is through online quizzes for students.

involve.me offers a wide variety of quizzes you can create from scratch or from a template. With full control over both look and function, you’ll be ready to quiz & grade your students online within minutes.
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Employee Assessmemt Quizzes

Assessing your employees doesn’t have to be a task they dread. Using a quiz to see how they are doing can be a fun break for them.

Wondering if your team understands the code of conduct? Workplace safety measures? Different policies? A quiz will be able to test their knowledge and save you time.
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Quizzes For Marketing Agencies

involve.me helps your entire team, irregardles of their technical skills, create quizzes for your clients.

Email gate the quiz to collect leads, add a purchase page to get payments via PayPal or Stripe. Invite clients in view only to share performance analytics and discuss design in draft mode.

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Display Scores

Show either number of correctly answered questions or the overall score. Display total option.
Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes

Add coupon codes from your platform of choice, assign them to lists & display them to your quiz participants.
Multiple Outcomes

Multiple Outcomes

Show different outcome pages based on each person's answers and set up custom redirects or call-to-actions.

Get Started: Make Your Online QuizUsing One Of Our 200+ Templates

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Fashion quiz
What personality type are you online quiz template
Personality quiz
90s nostalgia online quiz template
90's quiz
Test your history know how online quiz template
History quiz
What type of reader are you online quiz template
Reading quiz
Love test online quiz template
Love quiz
IQ test online quiz template
IQ quiz
What's your travel type online quiz template
Travel quiz
Drag & Drop Editor

Make feature-rich online quizzes
without the need for a developer

Our powerful quiz maker will enable you to create engaging and immersive online quizzes with features like answer piping, logic jumps and multiple outcomes with no additional line of code.
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Detailed Design Settings

Customize the look & feel and
create beautifully effective quizzes

Easily add text, images, videos, and animated GIFs to your online quiz. Tweak everything from singular element colors and transparency to corner roundness and line thickness until it all fits your brand identity.
Project Distribution Options

Publish quizzes as landing pages
or embed them in your website

Distribute your quiz as a landing page or get a customizable iframe and embed it in your website. All quizzes are fully responsive and work on all content management platforms, from WordPress & Drupal to Wix & Weebly.
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Send quiz takers their results

Set up custom emails for each outcome or follow up with an answer summary

Send respondents their quiz results via email directly from involve.me. Create different, personalized emails for each quiz outcome. Add images, attachments and preview your emails on different devices. All without a 3rd party tool. Learn more

Custom Emails to Participants

Partial Submissions

Use incomplete responses to gain more insight into your users.

In involve.me you can view the unfinished responses of people who start to fill out your forms, answer a few of your questions and leave. You can easily identify behavior patterns, find out what makes people click away, gather more data and capture lost leads. Use these insights to improve your projects and conversion rates. Learn more

Partial Submissions

Reach your goals with quizzes

Quizzes & personality tests activate users at every step of the customer journey by leveraging engaging interactions and personalized answers leading to consistent record conversion rates of over 65%. This translates into business growth for entrepreneurs & agencies by acquiring and retaining customers, and into personal & professional growth for educators and trainers who help people acquire new knowledge and skills.

Provide instant gratification to your website visitors and add real value embedded in your interactive content. Build trust by giving voice to your users and involving them in a two-way communication about your content, services or product offering.
Create enriched user profiles and categorize them into specific segments according to their input. You can segment your leads based on which quiz result they get or depending on how they answer particular questions. Along with our powerful integrations this will help you assign segments to specific lists for a more personalized and targeted follow-up.

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