Online Donation Form

A form to take your fundraising to the next level

Improve your organization's fundraising methods by creating a donation form that can reach a wider audience. Rather than simply providing your organization's bank account details and asking for donations, include a form on your website to easily collect data and payments.

This donation form template will help you keep more donations at no additional cost to you. You can choose a fixed or voluntary donation amount that you want people to donate to your cause. 

And the best part? This donation form is fully customizable. You can add extra questions, include your logo, and change the background, colors, and fonts to ensure the form matches your organization's branding.

Collect donations on a one-time or recurring basis with payment options like PayPal, Stripe, or Mollie. Once you have customized the form and added your preferred payment method, you can embed it directly on your website or share it with your audience on social media.

How it works