Coupons As A Lead Generation Strategy: All You Need To Know

How to incentivize lead collection with discount coupons

Coupon codes offer an easy solution to many marketing challenges. Coupons can help you get leads, feedback, increase purchase value and even build customer loyalty. Implementing coupon codes as part of your sales strategy only takes a few minutes. Let’s see how to generate coupon codes for your online store.

Coupon codes have been around for over a century, with the first coupon code dating back to 1887 which offered customers a free coca cola at their nearby pharmacy.

Today, coupon codes can not only be found in paper form but also in digital form. In fact, in 2020, online coupon codes have surpassed paper coupon codes for the first time.

With a huge boost in online sales during the pandemic, 90% of consumers use coupon codes. Customers who use coupon codes also spend 23% more on average.

Coupon codes are a great way for retailers to boost sales conversion rates and increase customer loyalty. It is also a great marketing strategy to grow a social media following or build an email list.

Let’s jump right in.

Different types of coupon codes

There are two main types of digital coupon codes: single coupon codes and multiple unique coupon codes.

Single coupon codes are ones that are available to a large group of people and have only one variant. So basically the same coupon code for all your customers.

For example, if Amazon created a huge black friday sale with the coupon code Blackfriyay80, they would make that code available on their website and social media platforms for everyone to use.

On the other hand, multiple unique coupon codes are unique codes that can only be used once. So basically one unique coupon code for each of your customers. This type of coupon code is great if you would like to build an email list and learn about your customers in exchange for a coupon code for their next purchase.

This is a bit more complicated to distribute, which is why I will show you an amazing method to use that is as fun to create as it is to engage with. More on this at the end of the video.

Why do coupon codes work?

Coupon codes incentivize customers to purchase your product. The customers benefit because they receive the product they want at a lower price and you benefit because your customers are more likely to make a purchase.

Coupon codes increase the overall shopping experience for a product because consumers love to feel like they received a ‘good deal.’ A study by the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University even found that getting a coupon is actually physically more enjoyable than receiving a gift.

Coupon codes help track the success of your marketing efforts. You can monitor which platforms are generating the most traffic and leads which can be very helpful for future marketing strategies.

Further benefits include attracting new customers, re-engaging old customers, gaining market share by offering a lower price than your competitors, and personalizing your customers' shopping experience. Which, by the way, is not surprising because 80% of online shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers them a personalized customer experience.

How to generate coupon codes

Generating coupon codes is easier than it sounds and there are several platforms that can assist you in doing this.

First, there are several ecommerce platforms that allow you to generate coupon codes on their platform already. Some of these include Shopify, WooCommerce and Prestashop however there are several other ecommerce platforms which allow you to do this as well.

Secondly, you can use external resources like Voucherify,, RevLifter, and Uniquodo and many others to generate unique coupon codes for you. I will leave a very useful link in the description below where you can find a list of websites that can generate coupon codes for you.

How to distribute unique coupon codes

So, you have now generated your unique coupon codes and you are ready to send them out into the real world. When you only have a single coupon code for all your customers, distributing them is quite simple. You can post it on different social platforms, send all your customers emails and your coupon code is ready for everyone to use.

However, if you have unique coupon codes that are single-use and you want them to be exclusive for each individual customer, it is a bit trickier to distribute.

But don’t worry I got you covered. With an engaging online form, you can learn about your customers preferences, collect their email addresses, and distribute your unique coupon code effectively - all with just a few clicks and some dragging and dropping.

To do this, I will show you how to use which is a no-code content builder that can be used for a variety of different purposes.

So let me show you how this is done.

How to create coupon codes for your online store

Creating a coupon code can be as simple as typing “AWESOME20” or as fancy as using a coupon generator. It depends on what kind of coupon you need. Here are some common coupon types:

Same coupon for everyone

All you need to create these coupons is think of a word that’s easy to type in and maybe even somewhat relevant to your sale.

These are perfect for:

  • ✓ Side-wide sales. Use code SPRING25 to get 25% off selected items
  • ✓ Seasonal deals. Use code BF2021 to get 30% off orders over $200
  • ✓ Shopper behaviours. We miss you, {FirstName}! Get 15% off your next order with code COMEBACK.
  • You can use these in in 5 simple steps:

  • 1. Click on the Coupons tab
  • New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes
  • 2. Click “Create new list”
  • 3. Under coupon type, select “Single - One Coupon Type For All Users”
  • New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes
  • 4. Type in your coupon code
  • 5. If applicable, select a limit of hamy times this coupon can be redeemed
  • Unique coupons for each shopper

    These are for individual customers and won’t work if shared with someone else. Maybe they completed a survey and get a coupon code as a reward or maybe they tried to cancel their subscription and need a discount to stay on board.

    Each unique coupon code is different and can only be used once. That’s why these coupons are usually created via a coupon generator like Voucherify. You’ll get coupons looking something like this:

    New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes

    You can copy-paste these into a coupon list in in 5 simple steps.

  • 1. Click on the “Coupons” tab
  • New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes
  • 2. Click “Create new list”
  • 3. Under coupon type, select “Multiple - Unique Coupon Code For Each User”
  • New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes
  • 4. Copy-paste your coupon codes in
  • Once your coupon list is ready, you can insert your coupons into any template or anything you made from scratch. Simply drag & drop this icon into your canvas.

    New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes

    If you have trouble finding the icon, it’s here in the bottom right corner:

    New Feature: Custom Coupon Codes