15 Questions to Ask in a Work From Home Survey [With Examples]

How to survey your home office employees

Surveying your remote team regularly is good for your business. By doing that, you will know what is running in your employees’ minds and find valuable insights to better manage your remote team.

15 Questions to Ask in a Work From Home Survey [With Examples]

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However, it is not easy to come up with the right survey questions for remote employees if you have just allowed remote working. You might not figure out what to include and what to leave in your work from home survey. To help you out, we have collected below 15 questions that you can ask in a work from home survey. Also, you will know what to make out of the answers to these questions.

But let’s first find out why it is important to run a work from home survey.

How Are Work from Home Surveys Beneficial?

Surveys for remote employees bring valuable insights into building a solid work culture. The results can assist you in improving your team's performance.

What’s more, remote employee surveys can help you catch the signs of bottlenecks early. They reveal the thoughts of your employees about crucial issues related to work.

These work from surveys can consist of questions related to performance, culture, environment, and other aspects related to work. By asking the right questions, you can easily figure out challenges faced by your team while working remotely. You can also detect cracks in administration and communication if there are any.

Survey Questions for Remote Employees

Here are 15 questions to ask your employees regarding different facets of their work from home lives.

Work Environment Questionnaire

The following questions will reveal the impact of a remote work environment on the employees.

1. Do you enjoy working from home?

Everyone has a different style of working. You'll understand how your employees feel about working remotely by asking this question. Follow up with questions like - is working from home giving them enough freedom to spend time with their loved ones?

The answers will reveal how you can make remote teams more efficient.

2. Do you have the tools and equipment to work efficiently?

The right work from home tools and equipment impact the performance of remote employees. Through this question, you'll uncover what issues employees face in being their productive selves. You may also spot some unique ideas beneficial to everyone on the team.

The answers will help you optimize setup and workflow for your entire team.

3. What challenges do you feel while working remotely?

The challenges of a remote environment are different from that of an office. This question will surface the issues and downsides of working remotely. Follow up with other questions like what could be done to make things easier.

The replies of your team members can help you determine how ready they are to work remotely.

4. Do you have a healthy work-life balance?

A healthy work-life balance is necessary for employees to give their best. This question will provide you with valuable insights into their work patterns. Also, ask about their usual workday routine and schedule to better perceive their situation.

The answers will help you take the required measures to balance their work and personal life.

5. What do you do to recharge throughout the day?

Remote employees often don't spend much time away from the 'desk.' By asking this question, you can ensure they take the much-needed breaks.

Their answers will help you better understand how your remote employees manage self-care.

Work Culture Questionnaire

The following questions will reveal how aligned the employees are with company culture.

6. Would you recommend your organization as an excellent place to work?

A few employees working from home may face difficulty in being associated with the company. You can follow up to identify their problems and rectify them. This question will help you understand how well they feel connected.

Their replies will be valuable in building strategies for a better employee experience.

7. How good is the communication with your team?

Remote team members may miss important meeting updates sometimes. Communication among them is vital for the success of your company. By asking this question, you'll find if the team is satisfied with the communication process.

The answers will reveal if your team members get clear guidelines and instructions about work.

8. Do you feel supported and trusted by your organization?

Like communication, support and trust are essential for remote employees. You'll understand how strong they feel through this question like a part of the team. Follow up to check if they also feel involved in the decisions affecting their work.

Their replies will tell you if they have strong bonds with their peers and managers.

9. Do you think you can fully disconnect at the end of the day?

Burnout is a serious problem for remote employees. Through this question, you'll be able to find out if they can separate the work from their personal life. You might also uncover interesting insights on setting up 'boundaries.'

The replies will tell if employees can effectively structure their day.

Individual Growth Questionnaire

The following questions will reveal if employees feel that the company facilitates their growth.

10. Do you think your organization makes use of your skills well?

Employees have a sense of fulfillment when they employ their skills well. This question will help you find whether they're getting enough opportunities and feedback to grow. Also, check if the feedback they get is relevant and helpful.

Their answers will reveal if your company is successfully leveraging the real potential of your employees.

11. What work-related skills would you like to develop or improve?

Not all employees who work remotely get to grow their skill sets often. By asking this question, you'll uncover the different areas of improvement for the remote team. It can also help improve overall workforce efficiency.

The answers will help you create a space to grow your team alongside the company.

12. What is one personal goal that the company can help you achieve?

Remote employees often put their interests on the back burner. This question will help you find how you can help shape their personal development. You'll also be able to create strong work relationships.

Their replies will help you find a suitable mentor and incite in them more energy for work.

Job Satisfaction Questionnaire

The following questions will reveal if your remote employees are satisfied with the job.

13. Do you enjoy the work that you do?

For remote employees to feel involved, it's crucial that the work excites them. By asking this question, you can understand if they find their work challenging and fun. Follow up to see what drives them to work.

The answers will provide insights into finding ways to help remote employees engage and perform better.

14. How reasonable is your regular workload?

All employees have different strengths. You can identify what energizes them and what drains their brains out through this question. You'll find their unique abilities and assign tasks they can execute the best.

Their replies will uncover how you can delegate their work without burning them out.

15. Are you getting enough acknowledgement?

Acknowledgment and recognition are essential for employees to perform better. Through this question, you'll understand the needs of different employees. Also, try following up to confirm if the recognition they receive is timely and meaningful.

The answers will help you set up a system to provide your team with appropriate recognition timely.

Final thoughts

The success of your remote survey largely depends on asking the right questions. Now that you know important survey questions for remote employees, you can use this remote work survey template to get started.

Needless to say, email is the best way to send a survey form. And to get more survey responses with a survey request email, you can read this article.