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What is zero party data?

Zero party data is a trendy, revolutionary concept of just talking to your customers.

As opposed to first party data that's collected by tracking your customer's every move on your website, app or emails, zero party data is only the data customers give you intentionally and proactively.

Zero party data collection is a GDPR safe alternative to cookies or buying contact lists.

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Issues & Challenges Of Third Party Data

Because of its compiled, multi-channel nature third party data comes with a lot of room for error. From data quality concerns to data privacy issues, working with third party data can be risky.

Data management platforms rely heavily on cookie technology to identify behaviours. Apple and now Google are moving towards blocking third party advertising cookies, putting data management platforms at risk.

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One-time Payments

No cookie support? No problem!

As browsers are starting to drop tracking cookie support, zero party data is the most accessible alternative.
Recurring Payments

Transparency & Privacy

Customers are becoming aware of what data is collected and they want to know what it's used for.

A full data policy definition and comparisonZero Party Data vs First Party Data vs Second Party Data

zero party data definition

Zero Party Data

Any data collected by directly asking the customer

  • ✓ Given intentionally and proactively

  • ✓ Personal details entered into a form

  • ✓ Preference, intention manually selected

  • first party data definition

    First Party Data

    Behavioural data collected from tracking the customer

  • ✓ All website & app behaviour data

  • ✓ Eg. Pricing page view, clicking "unsubscribe"

  • ✓ Transaction data like purchases & downloads

  • second party data definition

    Second Party Data

    Data purchased or otherwise acquired from 3rd party sources

  • ✓ Another company's first party data

  • ✓ Buying a list of email addresses

  • ✓ Demographics, transactions & behaviour

  • How can you collect zero party data?Be honest and transparent with your customers to keep their data safe

    Lead Generation Quizzes

    Lead Generation Quizzes

    Capture and segment leads with branded quizzes. Get data in a way people enjoy.
    Feedback Surveys

    Onboarding Surveys

    Guide your users through personalized interactive onboarding funnels.
    Lead Pages

    Product Recommendation Funnels

    Match customers with the perfect products through just a few questions.

    Where can you collect zero party data? Collect zero party data on any channel, device and platform

    Your Website

    The average website only converts 2% of it’s visitors into leads. The human, conversational nature of first party data collection can easily turn that % into double digits.

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    how to collect zero party data on your website
    how to collect zero party data on social media

    Social Media

    Convert your social media audience into customers with branded, lead generation quizzes. Make a quiz targeted at your audience’s wants and challenges and share it on your social media.

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    Customer Service

    Customer service is the most honest, relevant and obvious way to collect first party data. The customer describes a specific issue and a real person suggests a specific solution.

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    how to collect zero party data through customer service
    how to collect zero party data with emails


    Customer journey doesn’t end with purchase. It begins there. Helpful and relevant communication with current customers will bring you more revenue than constantly chasing after new ones.

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    Zero Party Data Collection Templates200+ GDPR Friendly Templates

    • Quizzes
    • Surveys
    • Calculators
    • Online Forms
    • Lead pages
    • Payment Forms
    Whatśs your fashion personality
    What personality type are you
    90s nostalgia quiz
    Test your history know how
    Customer Satisfaction
    Customer Feedback Survey
    360 Employee Evaluation
    Coffeehouse Rating
    BMI calculator
    Email Marketing Roi Calculator
    Website cost estimation
    Car loan calculator
    Gala Dinner Invitation
    Registration Form
    Sales Lead Form
    Contact Form
    Download E-book
    White Paper Download
    Agency Lead Gen
    Marketing Lead Gen
    Shopping Order Form
    Buy E-Book
    Online Donation
    Workshop Registration
    Drag & Drop Editor

    Make smart data collection content without a developer

    Design any look or functionality in 5 minutes. Grab a template and add your logo to it or create anything from scratch. Personalize your content with data you've collected.
    Drag & Drop Editor
    Design Settings
    Detailed Design Settings

    Customize the look & feel to match your brand

    Add your brand colours, fonts and logo. Control everything from background transparency to corner roundness. Desing branded follow up emails sent straight from

    As Easy As Drag & DropCreate data collection forms, surveys and quizzes with no technical skills

    Non-technical, collaborative and scalable.

    Data Collection Features

    Cactus commerce
    No coding

    No coding required

    Set up beautiful, high-converting interactive pages in minutes, 100% drag & drop.
    Add branding

    Add your branding

    Customize the design with a logo and company colours to match your brand.

    200+ templates

    You don't have to be a designer or a web developer. Pick a template and type in your text.
    Custom fonts

    Custom fonts

    Add any brand's fonts to recreate their digital identity. All drag & drop and live instantly.
    Content items

    20+ content items

    Choose from a wide variety of interactive content elements to collect data with.

    Real-time insights and reports

    Track performance with advanced analytics and visualize the whole funnel.

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