How To Grow Your E-Commerce Store With Quizzes

How e-commerce brands use quizzes to personalize customer interactions

Online quizzes have gone a long way from telling you which Disney princess you are. E-Commerce brands use quizzes to learn about customer preference so they can personalize every branded interaction and sell more.

5 Simple Ways to Use Quizzes in Making Your E-commerce Store Grow

There's no doubt that online quizzes can be engaging. Hence, you are doing your e-commerce business a disservice if you do not take advantage of the customer engagement that it can bring.

Usually, an e-commerce quiz will provide your online store an in-store retail experience. It can be understanding what products would work best for them or to know what payment methods they prefer. Doing so allows you to foster a meaningful relationship with your customer. As such, they would be willing to support your online store in any way.

On the other hand, 77% of marketers say that this type of interactive content can help boost customer engagement. And we all know how an engaged customer becomes an evangelist of some sort for our business. Plus, engagement can also lead to repeat purchases.

Besides keeping your customers engaged, online quizzes also allow you to build a customer or product profile. For instance, you sell beauty products and notice that more and more people answer about sensitive skin. This means that you need to boost production for products that are ideal for sensitive skin.

At Red Stag Los Angeles Fulfillment Services, we tell our clients to use interactive content to understand their customers better. Doing so will enable them to provide a better customer experience and boost retention.

In this post, we'll walk you through five ways on how you can use quizzes to make your e-commerce store grow:

Promote Your Product

We often feel that we know everything, but sometimes, we're pretty unprepared for specific situations.

This is especially true for brands in the health, home, or safety industry. Quizzes are an effective tool to raise awareness on specific situations where customers can use a product.

So, as much as you can, make people think about what they would or should do. When you show the quiz results, link out products you're offering and why they need them.

In short, make people rationalize. Doing so will encourage them to make purchases that are usually based on common sense.

Drive Website Traffic

Once these e-commerce quizzes are presented, they're often in the form of thumbnails. What you can do is link them to a relevant post on your website to understand their quiz results better.

Moreover, if customers see your title and then click on it to explore further, this will directly take them to your site.

Sure, website traffic does not tantamount to sales. But think of it as a way to build awareness and authority for your e-commerce brand. The key here is to pique a visitor's interest and make it easy for him to explore your online store.

Also, if it's not for the quiz, prospects wouldn't have landed on your site, to begin with. You can use e-commerce quizzes to grow your e-commerce sales and boost your conversion rates.


Every question in your quizzes will tell you something about your customers. Whether you're asking how old they are or their favorite color, you're learning information you can use to engage with the customer in the future.

Let's say you're catering to a customer demographic that has oily skin. Then, you can create content that educates customers about the treatment for oily skin and the products that will help.

You might also want to start publishing blog posts related to oily skin and then upsell products on that post.

You can then come up with your email flow. From there, you can take your customers into a series of nurturing emails and information about your products.

Remember that 59% of customers believe that personalization influences their purchasing decision. Therefore, ensure that you interact with your customers on the most personal level that you can do.

Generate Leads

Lead generation via quizzes works in a way where you'll be creating a series of questions on specific topics.

After you get the quiz results, you can ask for permission to follow up via email about the particular topic covered in your quiz.

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Something that you should also consider when making quizzes is whether you want to gather new leads inside the content.

You can also send a follow-up drip campaign to learn more about your quiz participants. Perhaps, they only need to know what products would suit their needs, but they are not interested in buying. A follow-up email will allow you to understand what other things might interest them.

Here's how you can convince people to give you their information:

  • Incentivize the subscription. Although the obvious draw here is to see the quiz results, you want to give people an incentive for subscribing.
  • Be honest about what you're going to send. Tell people how often you'll be sending them marketing communications, as well as what content you'll be sending. It's so much easier if you say, "we'll be sending at least one email weekly," instead of saying, "we'll be sending you our newsletter."
  • Increase Sales

    For most e-commerce sites, quizzes can be used to create personalized product recommendations.

    Suppose you're selling a variety of products in your e-commerce store. In that case, you can use a personality quiz that allows your visitors to find a particular product that matches their interests.

    You might also include a link to purchase that product using a discount code.

    Types of E-Commerce Quizzes

    Now that you know what online quizzes can do for your business, the next step is to identify what interactive content you can use.

    Product Finder Quiz

    A product finder quiz will ask the customer a variety of questions about their preferences. This can include the features they would like to see in a product and what they do not like about the product they are using. Once done, the result would be a recommended product that can suit their needs.

    Get Started with Sales Assistance Templates200+ Mobile Friendly Templates

    Usually, this type of quiz brings the in-store retail experience. That's because you can leverage the quiz as some personal shopper.

    Post-Purchase Survey

    Similarly, surveys are a great way to get feedback and make improvements to your store.

    After making a purchase, you can invite customers to fill in a quiz that details their experience with your store or products. This allows you to get more detailed feedback. You can then send out links to these post-purchase quizzes to your customers via Messenger or email.

    Not only does this enhance the customer experience, but it also allows you to understand your customers better.

    Educational Quizzes

    Educational quizzes can be as simple as asking someone to choose if they've tried your product before.

    If so, then you can direct them to a product you've recently launched, your blog, or on Instagram so that they'll learn more about you.

    If not, you might want to ask them a series of follow-up questions. You can also direct them to your shopping page or to a particular product based on the types of questions you've asked.

    Along the way, you can then educate them more about your brand, what you do, and why it's unique.

    Size, Style, or Shade Finder

    One of the advantages of online shopping is that you can browse through multiple products to find out what works the best for you.

    But the downside is browsing through a sea of products. So, offering customers a 'finder quiz,' to find their ideal size, style, or beauty shade, is helpful to them and your brand.

    If they can go to your store and easily find a product that works best for them, this will gradually build customer loyalty and trust.

    Customer Onboarding Quizzes

    Similarly, you can also onboard customers in your store using an interactive quiz. This is a great way to know who your prospective buyers are and develop highly detailed buyer profiles.

    These types of questions also let you know more about your shoppers and how you can engage with them.

    Quizzes can be a strategic part of your e-commerce business's content marketing strategy. Although there's no surefire way to succeed, these principles increase your chances of succeeding in the long run.

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