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How To Increase Customer Engagement: Stats and Real-Life Examples

How To Increase Customer Engagement: Stats & Examples

Find better, more personal ways to talk to your customers 💬
How To Turn Customer Surveys Into Actionable Advice

How To Turn Customer Surveys Into Actionable Advice

Find out what makes your customers fall in love with you ❤️️
New Feature: Score-Based Outcomes

New Feature: Score-Based Outcomes

Ask smarter questions, give better answers 🏁
5 Contact Forms That Went Horribly Wrong And How To Fix Them

5 Contact Forms That Went Horribly Wrong And How To Fix Them

Learn from others' mistakes before you make them yourself 🤦
How To Nurture Your Leads With Interactive Content: 7 Winning Tactics

How To Nurture Your Leads With Interactive Content: 7 Winning Tactics

Speak to your cutostomers like a person with custom smart content 💡
why interactive content is the next big thing for lead gen

Why Interactive Content Is The Next Big Thing For Lead Gen

How to make lead generation quizzes, calculators and giveaways 🎁
How to add multiple links in your bio

Link In Bio Page Templates That Can Hold Multiple URLs

How to include more links in your social media bios 🔗
paid slack communities

Paid Slack Communities That Are Worth The Money

Mentorship, growth and hiring opportunities on Slack 💜
Offline engagement

7 Offline Customer Engagement Strategies You Didn't Know About

Carry your brand's digital identity into the real world 🌱
Recurring payments Can Collect Recurring Payments Now

Launch your subscription business in one day 🚀
New Feature: Custom Fonts

New Feature: Custom Fonts

Present your brand consistently across all platforms 🔤
The Essential Guide To Customer Retention

The Essential Guide to Customer Retention

Tools, metrics, and strategies that work 🛠️
New Feature: Send Custom Participant Emails

New Feature: Send Custom Emails To Participants

Automated, customizable, mobile-friendly emails sent from 📧
29 Registration Form Templates

29 Registration Form Templates

Customizable, mobile-friendly templates ready for your branding 🎨
no code influencers to follow immediately

No Code Influencers You Need To Follow Immediately

Tips to start and run a business without a developer 🤖
surveys for better internal communication

How To Use Surveys for Better Internal Communications

All you need to identify and track your internal KPIs ✅
Content Frameworks That Attract Agency Clients

9 Content Frameworks That Attract Agency Clients (With Examples)

Make content that gets you big clients 💰
how to make a sales funnel

4 Ways Interactive Content is Transforming the Sales Funnel

Sell smarter with responsive content that converts 💡
how to evaluate and train your employees on autopilot

Online Employee Assessment 101

How to train and evaluate your team efficiently in 2020 🎓
how to fix your landing page

8 Landing Page Tweaks to Guarantee More Conversions

Fix the top of your funnel in minutes ⏰
what are partial submissions

5 Examples of Shoppable Quizzes (and Why They Work)

How to guide customers to the perfect product automatically 🎯
what are partial submissions

New Feature: Partial Submissions

Recover lost leads, find weak points, gather more data 🔍
how to reduce bounce rate

12 Mobile-Friendly Lead Page Templates

Drag & drop a custom landing page for your ad in 5 minutes 🚀
how to reduce bounce rate

9 Hacks to Reduce Bounce Rate & Boost Customer Engagement

Engage, convert & retain your audience with smart tweaks 🔥
how to make an online survey

How To Make an Online Survey

Gather feedback and data, find your biggest fans 🙌
new analytics

New & Improved Analytics: Collect More Data

Funnel visualization, incomplete payments and device distribution 📊
price calculator

17 Marketing Agency Owners Share Their Best Lead Gen Tips

Tried and tested lead form and landing page best practices ⭐
price calculator

How to Capture High Quality Leads with Calculators

Provide value and assistance to convert casual browsers 🙋
survey feedback

5 Ways to Get High-Quality Feedback From a Customer Survey

Gather more data with the same budget 📊
conversational marketing

The Marketer's Guide To Conversational Marketing

Learn how to create your conversational marketing framework 💬
Collecting Payments Online During COVID-19

Collecting Payments Online During COVID-19

Set up an online sales cycle without a website 🤑
How to fix a leaky sales funnel

How To Fix A Leaky Sales Funnel

Find flaws that are costing you leads and fix them 🛠️
Lead page templates

How To Make An Interactive Sales Funnel

Set up a high converting revenue machine in under an hour 💰
What are hidden fields

Hidden Fields: The Key to Hyper-Personalized Brand Interactions

If it looks like witchcraft and feels like witchcraft, it’s Hidden Fields 🧙
Increase reach

The Hook Model

A simple framework for explosive user retention 💥
Increase reach

Reaching 50 Million People Without a Single Cent

“It’s not marketing, it’s a cause.” Julian Wiehl ✈️
Optin page templates

How To Make a Coming Soon Page

140+ free opt-in page templates 💯
Daina Slezaite

How a Niche Luxury Brand Collects 10.000 Segmented Leads a Month

An interactive content strategy that attracts, engages and converts 💸
how to make landing page

Landing Page Mistakes That Kill Conversions

What's preventing your clicks from converting❓
what question types to use in your quiz

5 Question Types to Use in Quizzes for Higher Response Rate

Secrets to writing quizzes that wow 🚀
what is interactive content

What Is Interactive Content And How To Make It

With free drag & drop templates you can start using today ⏰
how to accept payments online

Logic Jump:
What is it and how to use it?

Learn how to create human conversations with your users 💡
how to accept payments online

Why You Need To Future-Proof Your Payment Page

85% users turn away at checkout. Why❓ native integration with zoho

Guide To's New Native Integration with Drip

Turn customer data into customer loyalty with interactive content 🛍️ native integration with zoho

Guide To's New Native Integration with Keap CRM

Get more business with less work 🤑 native integration with zoho

Guide To's New Native Integration with Zoho CRM

Close more deals with’s advanced lead segmentation 💸
How to embed a web calculator on your website

How To Embed a Calculator On Your Website

8 free calculator embed codes you can copy-paste today ✂️📋
How to get upvotes on Product Hunt

How We Got Our SaaS to #1 Product Of The Day On Product Hunt

While ignoring what the other articles say 🤷
What is user engagement

The 5 Major Benefits of High User Engagement

Why you need to connect with your audience asap 👋👨
How to organize your interactive content

New Feature: Workspaces, Teams & Better UI

Now that everything looks 👌, create user teams & organize your work
How to Generate Leads Organically

6 Reasons To Use Interactive Content In Your Marketing Strategy

Why you need to use interactive content asap 🏃
How to Generate Leads Organically

7 Effective Strategies to Boost Leads Organically

Generate quality leads organically (2020) 🚀
Pipedrive Integration

Guide To's Native Integration with Pipedrive

How to use this powerkit to grow your business 📈
Convert Traffic into Sales

How To Convert More Website Visitors Into Customers

Without writing a line of code 🙌
ConvertKit Integration

New Native Integration with ConvertKit

Grow, understand and convert your audience 💫
Build User Profiles

New Feature: Build User Profiles with

Sell on a more personal level 👋👨
HubSpot Integration

New Native Integration With Hubspot

Grow & involve better 🌱
Product Update

New Feature: Native Integrations Now Support Custom Fields can now send your custom data straight into your tools of choice ⚡
Online calculator

How To Create a Simple Price Calculator and Capture More Leads

Create custom prices for your product or services - automagically! 🧙
Payment Forms

Grow Online Sales with Secure Payment Forms

Accept payments without writing a line of code 🤑
File Upload

New Content Element: File Upload

Let users upload files of various formats 📁
Advanced Tracking

Gather Better Data with Advanced Tracking

Track detailed events on a granular level for each project 🕵️
Date & Time Picker

Announcing Project Speed Improvements

Optimized projects performance for blazing fast load times 🚀
Date & Time Picker

New Content Element: The Date and Time Picker

Schedule deliveries, gather appointment data & much more 🗓️
Rebranding brandquiz

Announcing Support For New Video Platforms

Embed videos from your favorite platform into projects 🎬
Rebranding brandquiz

5 Lead-Generation Tools To Boost Your Conversions in 2019

Connect with your customers through an interactive experience. 🙋‍
Rebranding brandquiz

Rebranding brandquiz

A SaaS brand is worth a 1000 words, and now it’s time to rephrase ours 😎
5 Reasons Your Quiz Sucks

5 Reasons Your Quiz Sucks

Common mistakes that prevent you from creating effective quizzes ✅
Meet the all-new design

Meet The All-New Design

How we’ve reimagined the UX for creating interactive UIs 🎨