How To Make A BuzzFeed Style Personality Quiz

Learn how to make an interactive and engaging buzzfeed style personality quiz

BuzzFeed Style Personality Quizzes are more popular than ever right now! If you have used any social media sites recently, you must have noticed one or two of such types of quizzes. What makes them so popular is how fun they are (some examples include- Which 'Shrek' Character are you? Find out your toxic traits) and how easily you can share them with your friends and family on social media. Businesses/Creators, in return, get more reach and promotion with quizzes through more shares.

Let's find out what these quizzes are, why they are so popular, and how to make them.

How To Make A BuzzFeed Style Personality Quiz

What Are BuzzFeed Quizzes All About?

BuzzFeed Quizzes create easy interactions with your target audience and keep them interested. The whole social media scene helps the quizzes, and their content is thriving. The interactive nature of a quiz also plays a role in this. Interactive titles and images that invite you are other features commonly found in BuzzFeed Style quizzes. This piques their interest and makes the user take the quiz.

When you see a quiz like - What is your favorite Harry Potter character based on the spells you know? If you are a fan of the series, you are immediately checking it out. And when you do complete the quiz, you would typically want to show off the results on your social media. This increases page views, which can become leads and future customers for the quiz creators!

Why Do People Love BuzzFeed Quizzes?

  • Knowledge: Quizzes have been popular for a long time because people like knowing about themselves. Discovering something new about yourself or confirming a fact about your personality is always fun for every person. This is why the titles of such quizzes use the word 'you' to address the user directly.
    Quizzes put us in categories with other people, which helps us fit in and find our place in the world. Our qualities, likes, and dislikes match others, which gives us instant affirmation.

  • Connectivity: The aspect of sharing this opportunity with others through sharing them on social media also adds to the quiz's charm. Being social and sharing information about things you like helps us connect with others, making us feel like a part of the whole.

  • Fun: People love personality quizzes because they are fun and engaging; they almost feel like a game where the price is a little tidbit about you. There are so many different pop culture categories that can be explored through these quizzes. This entertainment also works as a distraction for most people from their tedious tasks and work duties.

How Do Personality Quizzes Help Businesses?

Personality Quizzes attract users to businesses, they increase the page view and website visits for businesses, and their shareability makes the business's name more well-known. People can become interested in a brand and its product or service and become paying customers through interactions with quizzes. When users take your quiz, you can take their email addresses and add them to your customer mailing list. You can inform them about your courses, services, or products through this list.

When the user visits your website for the quiz, they might also see the other parts of your website. The content of these quizzes can be specifically made to drive traffic to the website's other content. Including links on the results page can also help in getting traffic/ attention of the visitor to the portion of the website that you want it in.

How To Make BuzzFeed Style Personality Quiz

Making a BuzzFeed Style Personality Quiz is quite easy as no code is required for creating one. There are many different tools available in the market that provide templates that can be customized according to the style and functionality.

1. Pick a Template


The first step of making a personality quiz is to pick a template. Templates are pre-designed layouts that allow users to arrange content according to their preferences. You can opt for a template from the quiz or personality test category for convenience. The template should be selected only after looking at its preview on both desktop and mobile.

The template's look can be edited to change its colors, fonts, layout, and background. The personality quiz template can be personalized through editing.

When selecting a template, you will be shown a chosen project/outcome type. Here the best option will already be pre-selected, but you can alter that if you wish. The outcome type is the system in which the quiz's results will be shown, and the selected outcome can also be changed later on.

2. Add Your Questions for The Quiz


The second step is to replace the template questions with your quiz questions. The content that you will put here is why you started making this quiz. Different questions can be asked in a personality quiz: multi-choice questions, drop-down questions, Open questions, sliders and ratings, and image answer questions.

The multi-choice question is a popular choice for personality quizzes. By using multi-choice questions, you can ask and answer your questions too. It also allows you to be more creative with the other options, and it is a very fast way of creating a quiz.

The drop-down question allows respondents to choose an option on the list of options provided. This option stops the answers from feeling too overwhelming and saves space in the layout. Sliders and ratings are a fun interactive way of letting quiz takers choose from a range that has already been predetermined.

Open questions help you learn more about the individuals taking the quiz. However, they may not be the best choice for personality quizzes as they don't help in automatically determining the personality type. Image answer questions are a very simple and interactive method of asking questions. The quiz is made more attractive by using pictures, which is why it also gets more clicks.

3. Create the Results Page


The quiz result is shown on the final page. There are different ways to show the results; you can show the result, direct the user to your website or display a "Thank You" page, and email the result to the user.

In the template layout, the last page is the results page. This page can also be edited to add or remove texts, images, or elements. Each result can also be customized. The results should be shareable on social media for an extra boost for your quiz.

4. Connect The Answers to the Results Page


Each answer to your question has to be connected to a result. One, multiple, or zero results can be connected to each answer. Different quiz tools have different procedures for how the outcomes can be picked. Usually, it is done by selecting the question and using the menu.

For answers that are important, more points can be given to them. This can be done only if a value can be assigned to each answer in your quiz tool, and assigning a value to each question makes the quiz more accurate.

5. Set-up Follow Up Emails After Each Results Page


You should ask for a contact email at the end of your quiz before displaying the result. Make this page unskippable so that you get a contact email. This email can later be used for updates, follow-ups, etc.

6. Connect Google Analytics, Or Any Third-party Software


You can add your Google Analytics ID or any third-party software to track your quiz. The insights collected from the quiz can be sent directly to your email software, CRM, or others through third-party software integration.

7. Publish And Share Your Quiz

The final step of creating a personality quiz is publishing and sharing this quiz. After the other steps are complete, you can select the publish or complete quiz button on the quiz tool. The tool will then provide you with a link, an embed code, or a QR code for sharing this quiz.

What To Do Now

So there it is: your step-by-step guide for creating BuzzFeed style quizzes. The next move is to get creative and make your very own quiz. Ensure that you employ the correct proportion of fun and marketing tactics in your quiz. This will make it great shareable content, making you or your brand go viral.

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