Quality onboarding creates active customers

Engaged users buy 90% more frequently, at a 60% higher value.

Why you need an onboarding funnel

User onboarding is the first personal experience your customers will have your brand. Make it count.

Onboarding funnels carry a lot of responsibility. They need to establish a personal relationship with each customer, explain your product and differentiate your brand from competition through visual identity.

involve.me's customer onboarding software can take care of all of that for you. Every interaction created in involve.me is personal, branded and tracked.

Create a drag & drop welcome survey

Pick from a gallery of 200+ templates to create a perfect brand interaction. Both look and function can be fully customized to your liking.
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Ask your users about their expectations

Deliver the best first 5 minutes with your brand. Ask the right questions and adjust where each new user goes based on their answers.

Set each customer on a path to success

Personalize customer onboarding and increase completion rates of you flows by channeling each customer on their own logic path depending on what they answer.
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How to create an onboarding funnelInstant, effortless setup with no technical skills


Step 1

Customize Template

Ask questions beautifully

Find the perfect product for each customer

Step 2

Add your questions

Introduce your brand's visual identity

Make a dedicated high conversion product page

Step 3

Create user paths

Show different content based on answers

Create a personalized check out experience

Automate customer onboarding and create a funnel in under 5 minutes

Talk to every new user about why they're here and set them on the path to success

Good onboarding is quick and easy, but creating it is tedious. involve.me makes creating complex, branded onboarding flows as easy as drag & drop. Ask new customers questions about their expectations with images, gifs or icons. With a customer onboarding software you can personalize each questions with data you already know about them - all in a visual, quick way anyone on your team can embrace.

Add Your Branding

Introduce your brand's visual identity in a fun, conversational way. Add your logos, fonts and colors into any template. Build up brand recognition trhough every step of your onboarding - from welcome survey to emails.

Browse customer onboarding templates
white label onboarding template for eCommerce
email feedback survey

Autofill Personal Data

Don't ask for the name, company and email after you've just asked for the name, company and name. Anything your CRM knows is already in your onboarding funnel and vice versa. Segment new users in your CRM based on their welcome survey answers.

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Automated Emails

Listen to what people tell you and send completely different emails based on it. If somebody needs to speak to a person to get started, connect them with your team. If somebody's all set, let them look around by themselves.

See how it works
how to send onboarding emails
onboarding funnel analytics

Visual Onboarding Analytics

Find out what most people expect from you when they sign up. What kind of people sign up the most? What customers bring in the most revenue? What customers are most likely to turn into promoters? Onboarding analytics tell you all that.

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80% of users have deleted an app because they didn't understand how to use it.

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How Onboarding Funnels Work

Customer onboarding software empowers you to design beautiful and smart onboarding that adjust to what your customers are saying in real-time. The features listed below help you achieve that.
what's a review funnel
Summary Stats

200+ templates

You don't have to be a designer or a web developer.
Many Customers

Integrated look & feel

Customize your funnel with your logo and company colours.
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Call customers by their name & include their order details.
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Variable paths

Provide matching experiences for users & guide their path.
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No code implementation

Build, launch and update without needing a developer.
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Learn & optimize

Understand & constantly optimize user activation.

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